Constance Zimmer’s Net Worth: How Much Is The Famous Actress Worth?

Fans know Constance Zimmer as the actor behind some of television’s fiercest characters. The Washington-born star’s acting credits date back to the mid-’90s, per IMDb, with her first claim to fame occurring in 2005 when she landed a main role as the helpful and motivated Dana Gordon on HBO’s Entourage. She also scored a spot on ABC’s critically acclaimed Boston Legal as Claire Simms. Zimmer’s biggest roles in the 2010s include determined journalist Janine Skorsky on House of Cards and as media mogul Quinn King on UnREAL. She also made appearances in Shameless and BoJack Horseman and reprised her Entourage character in a 2015 movie based on the series.

Don’t let her strong characters fool you, though. Zimmer says she plays these fiery females because she’s nothing like them in reality. “Directors say they cast me as these very rough, unfiltered women because I’m not like that in real life. You can’t play mean characters if that’s who you really are!” she told Good Housekeeping in 2016, adding that she is constantly concerned that her castmates will take what her characters say personally. 

With more than two decades of acting under her belt, it’s fair to say that Zimmer has enjoyed a productive career. But do her paychecks parallel her success? Keep reading to learn how much the famous actor is worth.

Constance Zimmer is careful with her spending

Thanks to her dozens of acting credits and a brief modeling stint in her early career, Constance Zimmer has done well for herself. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she has about $6 million to her name as of January 2021.

The Emmy-nominated actor doesn’t let Hollywood life get to her, though. In fact, she doesn’t often splurge and heads straight to the sale section when shopping. “I’m definitely more frugal. I go straight to sales — I have a very hard time buying things at full price,” she explained to Bankrate in 2011. “I know that you don’t have to pay full price for something, and I like to make sure that what I’m spending my money on is what I’ll keep for a long time, as opposed to something that might go out of style tomorrow.” And despite her success, she lives a surprisingly normal life when she’s not in front of cameras. She shared with Good Housekeeping in 2016 that she, her husband, and their daughter, Colette, have a tradition of picking out their fresh produce for the week from their local farmer’s market to support a healthy lifestyle and to “stay engaged and be present.”

It seems like Zimmer has found the perfect balance!

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