Coronation Street fans shocked as David Platt asks intern Emma to come 'to bed' and 'move in' with him as he struggles to get over rape ordeal

Viewers concluded the hairdresser had "lost the plot" during tonight's episode of the soap which saw him have a one-night stand with the 18 year old.

Soap fans swarmed to Twitter to share their disbelief at David's bizarre behaviour at the end of the episode, when he asked Emma to move in with him despite only knowing her for a couple of days.

One wrote: "David is really losing it….so sad."

Another commented: "Cor blimey David has really lost the plot!"

A third shared: "AS IF David just asked Emma to move in."

Earlier in the episode, David, played by Jack P. Shepherd, invited Emma to his home for a beer before asking her if she was coming "to bed".

One fan wrote: "Oh no David don’t do this."

A second tweeted: "WHAT THE HELL IS DAVID PLAYING AT?!!!"

Another posted: "David is trying to prove he's a man!! It'll all end in tears."

The one-night stand comes as David attempts to "try and block out" the memory of being drugged and sexually assaulted by his friend Josh Tucker.

He continues to conceal the rape from his family and friends, but many people are starting to find his behaviour suspicious.

Corrie boss Kate Oates revealed the background to why newly-single David is led to have sex with Emma, played by Alexandra Mardell.

She told "Sleeping with Emma will be one of his big mistakes – and it's all a way of him trying to get across to the world and himself that he has this masculinity and he can attract girls.

"He goes to extreme levels to try and block out what has happened to him.

"By this point, he has finished things with Shona and she is completely bewildered over what has gone wrong between them.

"David's life has been turned upside down and the ways he tries to deal with his bottled up torment are very self destructive and may serve to push his loved ones even further away."

  • Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights on ITV

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