Coronation Street theory: Beth Tinker battles addiction as Kirk Sunderland drops clue

Corrie's Kirk Sutherland cracks brilliant one liners

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Beth (played by Lisa George) has been lingering in the background on Coronation Street for some time, having been supporting her son Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) with his relationship woes and she has been helping her husband, Kirk Sunderland (Andy Whyment) get a promotion at the Underworld factory. In the coming weeks, however, she could be the one who will be needing support as it could become apparent she is struggling with the pressures of life. The ITV soap has focussed on addiction quite a few times in the past but they could use Beth to demonstrate how even when someone seems to be strong and confident to others around them, they are still battling with demons once the doors are closed.

The clue was dropped by Kirk halfway through Wednesday night’s episode as he headed to the Rovers Return with his wife after a busy day at work.

Complaining about their bosses, Beth said to her husband: “I’m sick to the back teeth of both Carla [Connor] and Sarah [Platt].”

He replied: “I know but speaking as the Extra Office Administrator, Sarah and Carla are the bosses [so what they say goes].”

Still frustrated at the situation, his wife added: “But that doesn’t mean they can throw their weight around, pecking our heads about orders every five minutes.

“And trying to buy us off with a couple of cream cakes,” she continued, with Kirk trying to tell her something before she cut him off.

“There’s no buts about it. Things would be very different if I was running that place,” Beth remarked before they were interrupted by Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard).

He was trying to keep them out of the pub as he didn’t want them to bump into his former love interest, Nicky Wheatley (Kimberley Hart Simpson).

The school teacher asked them where they were going and when Beth told him they were going for a drink in the Rovers, Kirk dropped a clue his wife is an alcoholic.

“Beth needs a drink after the day she’s had,” he commented but his other half seemed annoyed he seemed to have told someone about her possible drinking problem.

Trying to justify herself and explain the difference between herself and an alcoholic seemingly, the beloved character said: “I don’t need a drink, I just want a drink.”

I just want a drink

Beth Tinker

Daniel didn’t seem to pick up on anything but the conversation quickly moved on to Nicky as she came walking out of the pub.

However, although this might have been just a random comment made by Kirk about Beth wanting a drink, there could be something going on below the surface.

Given how defensive Beth got about her husband talking about her drinking, it could be she is struggling to stay away from the bottle.

At home, she could be drinking a lot more as the stress of work continues to build on her shoulders and she might not go a day without having a sip from the bottle.

This is where the character could be starting to go down a very slippy slope as she becomes reliant on having a drink to get her through the day.

It could be the likes of Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne), who is an alcoholic, who make Beth realise she has an addiction.

As a very headstrong woman, she would reject the idea she has a problem and again, would get on the defensive about her drinking.

Beth is someone who has always drank during her time on the show and she has got herself into some right muddles because of alcohol.

However, it’s her reliance on it which would change the game as she feels she cannot cope or go through the day without having one.

But as her secret comes out and it becomes clear she has been drinking at work, will her professional life be on the line as well as her personal life?

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Last year, the weeknight serial drama focussed on Peter having yet another relapse into alcoholism which almost cost him his life.

As the character teetered on the edge of death, his saving grace came when he had a liver transplant, having done so much damage to his.

This could be the same path Beth is wandering down as she struggles to stay sober in the coming weeks and months if this is where the writers are taking the character.

Viewers will see the impact her addiction will have on her husband, Kirk, and her son, Craig, as they try to get their heads around it.

But will she end up pushing them further away as she continues to deny she has a problem or will she face up to the fact she needs some help?

This could see her share the screen with Peter a lot more as she listens to his story for the first time, having always ruled him as a troublemaker before.

She could see herself in him and she could resonate with the reasons as to why he first turned to the bottle to get him through the day.

Having not had her own storyline for a while, this would put Beth front and centre of the programme.

It could also allow fans to delve into the character’s past as she talks about her childhood and how she used to struggle with drinking when she was raising Craig by herself.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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