Coronation Street: Who will die in huge stunt week?

DEATH and destruction is coming to Coronation Street this autumn with a horrifying week of explosive episodes.

A huge catastrophe will leave at least 11 characters fighting for their lives, but who’s involved and who’s going to die? Here’s the lowdown…

Who will die in Corrie’s huge stunt week?

Harvey Gaskell

Pictures have already been released of a prison van crash, confirming rumours that Harvey Gaskell will escape from prison and return to the cobbles for revenge. 

The villain was thrown behind bars earlier this year after his criminal ways were exposed by Leanne Battersby.

But on location filming pictures have shown the criminal breaking out of a flipped prison van.

Harvey was seen appearing to flee his prison van despite sporting handcuffs and a bandaged hand.

Might Harvey’s plans for revenge against Leanne backfire and result in his own end?

Leanne Battersby 

Viewers know that Harvey was locked behind bars after Leanne decided to team up with the police to protect her son Simon.

The villain had terrorised Leanne for months as he groomed Simon into delivering his drugs. 

Could Harvey's search for revenge spell disaster for Leanne?

Talking about whether Harvey’s return could spell disaster for Lenne, actress Jane Danson recently told The Daily Star: “This is really difficult but it’s safe to say he’s not going to come out happy, Leanne has definitely got to watch her back.

“Could she die? I mean I hope not cos it would be the end of my job. But anything can happen in the soap world.”

Abi Franklin

Viewers know that Abi fled from Weatherfield after her son’s killer Corey Brent escaped justice.

Following her return to the cobbles in upcoming scenes, Abi grows hellbent on revenge. 

But her plan seems to backfire terribly when Corey brandishes a gun in dramatic scenes. 

Pictures show the pair battling for survival in the Victorian sewers surrounded by rising water. 

Nina Lucas desperately tries to step in, but who will die?

Nina Lucas

Might Nina end up in the firing line as Abi seeks her revenge?

Talking about how she’ll be drawn into drama in upcoming weeks, Mollie Gallagher recently told “Nina goes on an emotional rollercoaster these next few weeks which is understandable after what she’s been through, but we’re going to see some quite erratic behaviour from her. 

“The scenes we’ve been filming are amazing, so atmospheric, the set design is unreal, it’s been great to be a part of it.”

Corey Brent

Corrie fans were aghast when Corey got away with murdering Seb Franklin while innocent Kelly Neelan was sentenced to time in prison for the crime. 

To make matters worse, Corey left the courtroom smirking at Abi, who had arrived too late to hear his not guilty verdict read out. 

Will Abi make sure justice for her son is served?

Dev, Asha and Aadi Alahan 

Filming pictures have revealed that Dev and his family will find themselves caught up in Harvey’s prison escape. 

The snaps show Dev’s car breaking down while he’s setting off on holiday with his twins.

Further pictures show a devastating wreckage after the prison van smashes into it, enabling Harvey to escape. 

But might it spell disaster for Dev, Aadi or Asha?

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