Coronation Street’s Ian Bartholomew says Geoff ‘made him question own behaviour’

"It's such a private world inside that front door, behind curtains. It's such a private world that it's difficult to understand for people that haven't been through it, or for those who are in the middle of it but think it's normal.

"That's the thing that upsets me most, there are a lot of women, men and children around the world that believe that being in an abusive relationship is normal. It's terrifying."

Ian said everyone needs to be careful with their actions to avoid replicating the harrowing scenes Corrie fans have seen.

He told us: "I think we're all capable of the sort of behaviour that Geoff shows and we have to be very, very careful with ourselves not to allow it to creep into our own lives.

"It's very easy to dismiss other people's feelings and dismiss their efforts, we have to be very careful."

Geoff joined Coronation Street in 2018 though his character slowly showed signs of abusive behaviour before viewers realised he was a downright villain.

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Ian said: "People say to me, 'He's a baddie, isn't it great fun playing a baddie?'

"Well, the short answer is no, it's not, because I had to go to places in myself that I didn't particularly want to.

"From an acting point of view it's fascinating, but at the same time it's been quite difficult because I've been going to work every day and been horrible."

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Speaking of Geoff, Ian said: "He's just completely unlikeable, I don't like him.

"Actors will always tell you they have to find something they love or like in the character to make it work.

"Well, I don't like anything about Geoff. There might be the odd shirt that I'd wear, but apart from that he's just a very, very unpleasant human being.

"What's difficult for me, was making it real and making it as unpleasant as I could without touching me.

"It's quite tricky. Good as an actor, but it can be quite hard."

Ian's song and music video, which was directed by his wife Loveday Ingram, tells the story of domestic abuse survivors.

Women's Aid ambassadors Katie Piper and Charlie Webster, as well as Survivor Ambassadors Sadi Khan, Natalie Curtis and Saliha Rashid appear in the video.

The song was produced by James F Reynolds who has worked with top talent like Paloma Faith, Jessie J and The Vamps.

The video was made by Three Wise Monkeys with sponsorship from Steve Morgan Foundation.

You can donate to Women's Aid here.

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