Countryfile viewers 'switch off' in anger after show makes sudden change – but did you spot it?

COUNTRYFILE viewers were bored to death by the show's latest episode which featured an art segment.

Viewers complained that the BBC show was boring and needed to bring back its usual agricultural and farming segment.

Sunday's episode of Countryfile saw host Ellie Harrison fronting an arts and crafts segment from Gloucestershire's Nature in Art Museum.

Ellie said: “Housed in a stunning Georgian mansion just outside the famous cathedral city of Gloucester, the museum lies rather fittingly in the middle of three areas of outstanding natural beauty.

“It’s the world’s first museum and art gallery dedicated to art inspired by nature.

“With a collection spanning more than 1,500 years and exhibits by over 600 artists from more than 60 countries and cultures."

However, fans of the show were not as enthusiastic as Ellie and many took to Twitter to express their frustration.

One disgruntled viewer said: “First time ever having to switch over. #Countryfile”

Another commented: "Maybe it’s me, I used to love Countryfile, second only to Antiques Roadshow, but now it just seems to be intolerably dull and disappointingly self-satisfied.”

One viewer tweeted: If I wanted arts and crafts I’d watch sky arts #countryfile”

It was clear that Ellie's artistic detour did not win over viewers even as she continued: “It’s here that I am going to get hands-on with a little help from an award-winning artist.

“I’ll also be delving into the Countryfile archives for highlights featuring artists who take their inspiration from the natural world.

“Like the scientific sculptor, whose art mimics nature.

“A painter who goes to extreme lengths for his art.”

Countryfile airs on Sunday at 7pm on BBC One.

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