'Dancing With The Stars' Erin Andrews – and Her Father – Clap Back at a Body Shamer on Twitter

This season of Dancing With The Stars has included plenty of drama, most recently with the tearful elimination of Sailor Brinkley-Cook and dance pro Val Chmerkovskiy. Co-host Erin Andrews also made headlines this week after responding to harsh comments by a Twitter user that criticized both Andrews’ wardrobe and body features.

Twitter troll

Andrews appeared on Monday night’s show adorned in snazzy green sparkly pants and a black top, captioning her Instagram post with, “Pants & ponytails make me happy.”

Apparently, a viewer wasn’t fond of Andrews’ fashion ensemble or how it represented her shape. Unfortunately, the naysayer took to Twitter to express their negative thoughts.

“Those are the most hideous baby s#it green metal flake pants I have ever seen. Your bony hips protruding out and your bowlegged stance are not doing anything to make that ensemble any more attractive dear,” the Twitter user posted. “Whomever let you wear that should be ashamed of themselves.”


Defense from father and fans

Andrews had an immediate ally in her father, Steve Andrews, who decided to send out a tweet of his own directed at the author of the nasty Twitter post. “Mary, I hope your daughter is never subjected to such a classless remark. Sending positive thoughts your way,” Andrews’ father tweeted to the sender.

The television personality and sportscaster also responded, along with a loving shout out to her parents. “Mary..I echo what my father just tweeted you. I hope your children are NEVER subjected to such disgusting remarks,” Andrews wrote. “Thank goodness my parents taught me to how to be kind and spread love! Love you Mom and Dad.”

Fans of Andrews also had her back, weighing in on the social media negativity of the original poster. “Ugh this garbage needs to stop! (From everyone but especially women bringing other women down!) You always look great EA!” one follower tweeted. “Stay on that high ground Erin,” another encouraged.

Many viewers raved about how Andrews rocked those green pants. “Wow. I can’t believe i just read such hate. Well, on the contrary I couldn’t keep my eyes off u 2night & those stunning pants!” one tweeted. “I was wondering the entire time how does she look so good in those pants! I want 2 look like that in those pants.”

Her own line

Andrews recently announced that she’s creating her own clothing line called WEAR, according to People. In partnership with NFL Consumer Products, she aims to complement individuals’ personal style by offering nine styles of wardrobe staples for all 32 NFL teams. Andrews is hoping her new line with offer female fans more choices.

“I was looking at what was available to women and felt like women would appreciate more options out there,” she said. “It just seemed like there was white space and we wanted to make it more age-appropriate, make it fashionable, make it size-inclusive, make it comfortable, make it subtle, which kind of goes along with the fashionable point.”


She purposely designed the attire so it can be worn everyday, not just at sporting events. “We thought, ‘Let’s place logos down at the bottom of the sweatshirt, let’s put them on the drawstrings, let’s place it on the sleeve!’ We wanted to make a line of apparel that people can wear everywhere and anywhere not just on game days,” Andrews told People. “They could wear it out to lunch, they could wear it to a game and not feel out of place when they go to dinner with it on or go to a bar with it on. Just something functional, comfy, fashionable, and age-appropriate.”

Using her own style as a model, Andrews sought to recreate a certain type of casual look for women. “I like to look at myself like I wear a tomboyish kind of vibe. I love a T-shirt, I love a bomber, I love a jean shirt, I’m always in a hoodie,” she said. “I love having team spirit, I love having an organization to support, but I want to do it in a kind of subtle and fashionable way.”

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