Death in Paradise: Why was JP Hooper’s wife replaced?

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Death in Paradise has seen plenty of cast members come and go over its 10 seasons so far, including several detectives. However, not many roles have been replaced on the series as it is usually new characters who are brought in. Although, during episode three, fans will have also noticed JP Hooper’s (played by Tobi Bakare) wife was played by another actor – here’s why.

Why was JP Hooper’s wife replaced on Death in Paradise?

In season 10, episode three, viewers saw JP’s wife Rosey Hooper on the show once again.

The pair have been married for several years and over the past two seasons, it was revealed she was pregnant with twins.

In the third episode of the latest season, viewers finally saw her give birth as JP came to terms with fatherhood.

Rosey is often mentioned in the series but is not a main character.

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She has appeared before in season five when she was played by Fola Evans-Akingbola.

The star is best known for appearing in Black Mirror, Game of Thrones and currently as Maddie Bishop in Siren.

When Rosey was first introduced, she was the suspect in a murder investigation and JP revealed she had been in the year above him at school.

However, after the case came to an end, the pair began dating and later married in season five, episode eight.

But when the character made her reappearance in season 10, Evans-Akingbola had been replaced by actor Prisca Bakare.

Fans who noticed the recasting might be curious to know why this was.

In a statement to, representatives for the show said: “The original actor who played Rosey Hooper was unavailable for filming so we re-cast the role.

“Prisca Bakare is a fantastic actor and we are delighted that she was able to join us for series 10.”


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Prisca is actually also JP star Tobi Bakare’s wife in real life.

She opened up on her experience on the show, pointing out it was strange to act alongside her husband.

She said: “It was a surreal moment working with Tobi. I was very curious to see how we would get on because we can often distract each other quite easily (in a good way).

“He can be extremely funny or very grounded and serious, so I was hoping I would get the grounded and serious side of him so he wouldn’t distract me or make me break out into laughing fits!

“Fortunately, I got his grounded and serious side which really helped me focus on the job and stay in character.”

As well as this, she revealed she drew on her own life experiences to act the role.

Prisca continued: “After having three children in real life who are all under the age of five, meant that the memories of giving birth were extremely fresh and recent.

“So to act being pregnant came very naturally for me. This was by far my favourite pregnancy!”

Aside from appearing in Death in Paradise, Prisca has also starred as Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which was broadcast on the BBC back in 2016.

Death in Paradise season 10 airs on Thursdays on BBC One.

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