Did Colbert Kill Steve Kornacki Waiting for Arizona Vote Audit?

Don’t worry it was just a prop

Continuing the election night themed gag, Colbert continued, “We go now live to election headquarters to our Number Cruncher, Steve Kornacki, still standing by since last November. Steve, what do you have for us?”

But when Colbert cut over, all we saw was a skeleton standing in front of a white board.

“Dammit,” Colbert said when the camera cut back to him. “I told you. I forgot to feed him. Should have got him one of those cat fountains!”

Kornacki, of course, developed something of a fandom last year for his manic presence during MSNBC’s election coverage. Alas, he never provided data analysis for Colbert during that whole thing. So of course, he’s still very much alive.

Colbert went on to revel in the “crushing humiliation” Republicans experienced in the audit, particularly the way the vote totals changed. “He really did get tired of winning,” Colbert said about Trump. He also told some more jokes at the ex-president’s expense, like when he talked about the footage of Joe Biden getting his vaccine booster, joking “that’s the biggest prick I’ve seen in the White House since last January.”

Then, Colbert indulged in a fake conspiracy theory about that boosters shots photo arm, mocked the dangerous lunatics who keep defying measures to prevent the spread of COVID and how poorly Republican-led states are doing when it comes to COVID, and then mocked disinformation about COVID spread by right wing media figures.

You can watch the whole monologue above.

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