Doctor Who series 11 will have an "ensemble feel", says new executive producer

As the new series of Doctor Who draws ever closer, the cast and production team have been revealing new titbits about the direction the science fiction show is taking.

Speaking to Digital Spy and members of the press, stars Jodie Whittaker and Bradley Walsh, plus executive producers Chris Chibnall and Matt Strevens, all commented on the new roads the series will take in terms of style and tone.

Strevens praised the new group dynamic in series 11: “There’s a real team feel about the new show, an ensemble feel.”

Walsh, who will star as the Doctor’s new friend Graham, also revealed that the show had initially been pitched to him as “an ensemble piece” – an idea he described as “fantastic”.

(The notion of a ‘Team TARDIS’ isn’t new, as fans of the classic series will tell you – Doctor Who has a long history of the Doctor traveling with a gang.)

The new Doctor also told assembled reporters about how the series will alter its outlook. “It’s more about stories, let’s tell new stories,” Whittaker said. “We don’t always have to regurgitate the same form, the same POV.

“I think POV shifting is really important, whether it’s gender or anything.

“How successful was [Sandra Bullock movie] Gravity? It was nearly two hours of one woman! It’s about telling more stories from more perspectives.”

She added: “If this isn’t the start of something, [of it] becoming more normal to see women leading shows, then that’s really depressing.” Chibnall agreed that it was “important for the show to get these voices in”, adding that they hadn’t been heard in Doctor Who “for a while”.

Jodie applauded Chibnall’s take on the Time Lord: “The Doctor is really intelligent but what I liked in Chris’ writing is the childlike wonder.

“That’s because the Doctor doesn’t have society’s rules, and that’s wonderful for an actor.”

Doctor Who series 11 begins Sunday, October 7 on BBC One.

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