Does Louise die in Behind Her Eyes?

Behind Her Eyes: Netflix release psychological thriller trailer

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Behind Her Eyes is a popular psychological thriller series on Netflix and it touches on some mind-boggling themes. The series explores the idea of astral projection, where the characters can leave their own bodies during sleep. Fans are wondering whether Louise (played by Simona Brown) actually dies in the series after she experiences astral projection.

WARNING: This story contains spoilers for Behind Her Eyes

Does Louise die in Behind Her Eyes?

Behind Her Eyes follows married couple Adele (Eve Hewson) and David (Tom Bateman) who are struggling to make their relationship work.

They are both hiding a dark secret, which has pushed David away, and he ends up having an affair with Louise.

Adele had used astral projection to spy on Louise and David and she wormed her way into Louise’s life.

She managed to get Louise on her side, convincing her David was mistreating her.

All the while, she had been lying about the disappearance of her old friend Rob (Robert Aramayo).

In the series finale, fans discovered how Rob was the villain as he used astral projection to enter Adele’s body.

He then killed Adele, who was in his physical form and disposed of the evidence.

Now Rob was Adele, he could fulfil his dream of getting closer to David.

Louise had persuaded Adele, or Rob, to tell the truth about what happened and Adele said she would not be able to live with herself.

Knowing Louise would run to her home to stop her from taking her own life, she devised a plan.

She injected herself with heroin before setting the house on fire, just before Louise arrived.

Louise used astral projection to get herself inside the house and find Adele.

Rob, who was still disguised as Adele, entered Louise’s body. This meant Louise’s soul was inside Adele’s body.

He then injected Adele’s body with an overdose of heroin, effectively killing Louise as her soul was still inside Adele.

Rob, who had then become Louise, went on to live life as normal with David.

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Fans have asked if Louise was really dead and all the evidence seems to conclude she did die.

As her soul did not have time to return to her own body, she was still trapped inside Adele’s physical form.

When Adele’s body reacted to the heroin, it killed Louise and Rob was able to remain in Louise’s body.

Louise’s son Adam (Tyler Howitt) was the first to notice something was not quite right with his mother.

He was sad when Louise and David got married as he seemed to realise she was not acting the same way.

Louise suggested going on a boat cruise for their honeymoon, but Adam pointed out she had always hated boats.

Louise replied: “Well maybe I’ve changed”, which was a nod to the fact she was now Rob.

Fans became angry at Louise as they believed she should have kept out of Adele and David’s relationship.

Some viewers have suggested both Louise and Adele may still be alive somehow.

As Behind Her Eyes is a limited series, however, it does not look like this idea will be explored further.

Behind Her Eyes is streaming on Netflix now

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