Eamonn Holmes jokes he's going into Love Island after Laura admitted she fancies him

On last night’s show the Scottish air stewardess shocked her fellow Islanders as she revealed her secret crush.

Speaking about the moment on today’s This Morning, the 58-year-old joked with his wife Ruth Langsford that he might head to the villa.

He said: “It may well happen. I’ve got my passport ready.”

They then showed a mocked up image of Laura with Eamonn in the Beach Hut, which didn’t go down too well with Ruth.

She admitted: “That does make me slightly jealous.

“I think it would be nice if you went in and talked a bit to Laura about why she keeps getting dump.”

Eamonn, who revealed his son Jack came running in to tell him he had been mentioned, he added: “I could be like an agony uncle.”

During the episode Laura, 29, told her fellow Islanders: “Oh, I really fancy Eamonn Holmes.”

She continued: “I just love him and Ruth and I think they’re so cute together.”

The others weren’t so convinced though and pulled faces as they sat down to enjoy a Mexican feast, made by Dani and Jack.

Watching the show at home, Eamonn joked on Instagram: “I don't know what to say except why has this caused so much surprise?”

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Clearly delighted, he added on Twitter: “I have to thank that lovely Laura girl from #loveisland for the nice things she said about me.

“Let's just not share them with @RuthieeL . I don't want to get my mugged offs and Cracking on's mixed up …but plenty to discuss on Tomorrow's @thismorning .”

Fans of the show also loved the moment and took to Twitter to have their say as well.

One commented: “Possibly first time I’ve agreed with Laura. I too love Eamonn Holmes.”

Another wrote: “Your telling me if Eamonn Holmes walked in Laura’s head would turn !? Make it happen.”

A third added: “Honestly Laura fancying Eamonn Holmes because of his relationship with Ruth is SO relatable.”

Seeing as Eamonn isn’t on hand Laura has been trying to crack on with Paul Knops.

Talking to him on the show last night she said: "I feel like you’re really interesting, I feel like I could chat to you all day."

He replied: "It’s a likewise thing. You are definitely someone who is compatible with me."

The recently dumped star added: "I know I could speak to you about anything but you are still flirty which is nice."

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