EastEnders’ Charlie says fans heckle her in the streets for Janine killing Barry

Barry and Janine were one of the square's most iconic couples in EastEnders, and Barry's shocking death at the hands of Janine still upsets people more than 17 years later.

Charlie Brooks, 40, who played Janine is set to make a return to Walford this week.

The star says she couldn't be happier to be back playing the devious character, even if it does mean she still gets heckled for the murder of beloved Barry.

Since her departure from the soap, Charlie went on to win I’m A Celebrity and also released a best-selling fitness DVD.

Despite this success, she says Barry's death in 2004 is still the main think anyone wants to talk to her about.

Janine had married Barry in a quick ceremony in Scotland as she believed he didn't have long to live.

She was enraged when she found out his illness was a false alarm, and shoved him off a cliff to his death.

Charlie says people shout at her in the street: “‘You killed Barry!’ That’s the one I get the most.

“It used to be, ‘Here’s a tenner’ during the prostitution days. She’s been through a lot, this girl.”

As well as murdering poor Barry, Janine also killed fourth husband Michael Moon after she tried to kill her ­second husband, Ryan Malloy.

If that wasn't enough, she also ran over and killed Ronnie Mitchell’s long-lost daughter Danielle, and framed Stacey Slater for attempted murder.

What a lovely girl!

Janine left the soap back in 2014, after getting away with murder (again.)

Kat Slater gave her a fake alibi that enabled Janine to get away with it, but now she's coming back and Charlie can't wait for more evil antics.

She says: “People have an expectation of what they want and so do I, so you want to live up to that.

“It would be criminal not to bring her back and go where we all want her to go, which is the whole ego and evil side, and we’re definitely getting that.

Charlie is thrilled to be coming back: “I was genuinely excited when my agent first called. Instantly something feels absolutely right about this.

“I’ve said in interviews I always imagine where she’s been and what she’s been up to. She’s such a glorious layered character. So to come back and explore that, it’s really exciting.”

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