EastEnders fans watch woman’s wound get larger in a few moments in awkward gaffe

Tonight’s EastEnders saw the arrival of a rather odd character who was snooping around Masood’s home, but eagle-eyed fans spotted a problem after her fake injury seemed to grow.

The woman was first seen making a phone call after asking other Walford residents where Masood lived.

She then watched Arshad head to the shop, and decided this was her moment to pounce as she faked a mugging and stood outside, waiting for him to come out while doing her best theatricals.

At that point, she had a large red cut on the left side of the of her face, which clearly was fake as she pretended her phone had been taken.

Arshad, being the kind-hearted man he is, invited her back to the house so he could give her a once over and ensure her injury was not going to get worse.

But viewers were stunned to see how much worse it became in what seemed to be an extremely short time.

Many took to social media to speculate, calling it a continuity error.

Viewers were very concerned by the presence of the unexpected guest, especially when she caught sight of baby Harley, and was given him to hold.

She said that she "missed" him, which made many sure that she is Harley’s biological mother, meaning her presence will likely not be a temporary fixture.

EastEnders continues tomorrow at 8pm on BBC1.

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