EastEnders' Jean Slater 'destroys' Ian Beale and shuts him down as he tries to claim she fancies him

Viewers were left in stitches when she shot her misguided friend down at a birthday party in last night's episode.

Viewers have seen Ian increasingly convinced that pal Jean, played by Gillian Wright, has amorous feelings towards him.

However, last night the character, played by Adam Woodyatt, was put back in his place after he told her on his way out of the celebration at her house, "it's not you, it's me. I have a very specific type".

Gasping, she replied: "You think I'm interested in you like that?"

He said: "There's no need to be embarrassed."

Jean shot back: "You should be embarrassed. I was just trying to get out of paying for the cake.

"What on earth makes you think I would be attracted to you?"

He explained: "You brought me here."

She said: "I thought we were friends. Are you so full of yourself that you think every time a woman is nice to you that she must have an ulterior motive. Because if that's the case I feel very sorry for you.

"As if I would be interested in you like that."

Replying, "I'm glad we're on the same page", he stormed out of her house.

Those watching at home took to Twitter to praise Jean for how she handled the situation.

One wrote: "Jean destroyed Ian. #EastEnders"

Another commented: "Jean!!! She shrunk Ian down to size!!"

A third shared: "Ian trying to reject Jean was the most hilarious thing I’ve seen all week #EastEnders"

It comes as fans rejoiced last night when Alfie Moon returned to Albert Square to a gobsmacked Kat Slater.

The ex pub landlord landed on the Slaters' doorstep on Hayley's birthday, leaving his estranged wife stunned.

Fans were just as surprised, though they were more delighted than boozed-up Kat, and flooded Twitter with celebratory tweets.

One said: "Guess who’s back, back again, Alfie’s back, back AgAiNnn"

Another raved: "ALFIE IS BACK #EastEnders" and a third fan wrote on Twitter: "Alfie's back in Albert Square yess!"

However, others speculated his return is well-timed for Christmas, believing he will be revealed as the father to Hayley's baby.

Another fan said: "Lools like my prediction of Alfie being revelaed as the baby's father on Christmas Day is moving closer."

  • EastEnders airs Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights on BBC One

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