EastEnders’ Jessie Wallace praises her soap ‘soulmate’ ahead of Kat’s heartbreak

Jessie Wallace has called her castmate Shane Richie her "soulmate" ahead of her character’s Christmas heartbreak at his hands.

The actress plays Kat Slater, whose husband Alfie Moon, played by Shane, is about to drop quite the bombshell as she discovers he cheated on her with her own cousin, Hayley, and the pair had a baby together.

While things are set to look pretty tricky for the pair in the show itself, Jessie has nothing but compliments for her castmate, saying she "missed him like crazy" while she was performing as Kat and Alfie was yet to arrive back in the show.

Jessie said: "I love Shane, we’re like soulmates, he’s like my brother."

“I love him so, so much and when he wasn’t here I missed him like crazy.

“Kat and Alfie have been together for 17 years so yes, it’s been amazing.”

Jessie has also revealed how the bombshell hits, saying: "It all comes out from the tiniest thing, from the most careless, stupid thing," she teased.

"I don’t want to give too much away but it’s something that Hayley does. But I think what she (Hayley) does, is almost a cry for help.

"But obviously Kat is going to find out and she reacts in the way only Kat can react. She goes crazy!"

Jean Slater, Stacey’s mum, has been struggling with the difficulties that come with keeping secrets, after she was one of the only people to know about the pregnancy and who was the baby’s father.

And of course, Kat will likely reply pretty badly when she discovers that Jean knew all along, and didn’t tell her, instead letting Hayley’s error reveal the truth.

Jessie continued: "She’s so angry and upset, there’s this whole whirlwind of emotions that she’s going through and she just doesn’t care. There’s no vision, Kat’s just so angry and betrayed.

“Getting your teeth into something like this, the meaty side of it all is brilliant; the script, the directing, the writing – I was in my element."

EastEnders is set to air tonight (Christmas Eve) at 830pm on BBC1, before the Christmas Day episode at 9.15pm for an hour-long special.

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