EastEnders Kheerat Panesar warns Tina Carter that Gray Atkins is dangerous as she grows suspicious of killer

EASTENDERS' Kheerat Panesar warned Tina Carter that Gray Atkins is dangerous as she grew more suspicious of the killer in tonight's episode.

Tina has become increasingly wary of Gray in recent weeks since living with him, noting his controlling and aggressive attitude.

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Tonight, she overheard Gray and Shirley talking about Mick returned theChristmas present she gave him unopened.

Gray reassured Shirley they can still have a nice Christmas together, making Tina's concerns for her sisters bond with him even stronger.

In the final minutes of the episode, she headed to see Kheerat to find out what he knows about Gray.

She asked: What did you mean when you said Gray weren't the good guy everyone thinks he is?"

When Kheerat asked why she wanted to know, Tina admitted the penny had dropped about who Gray reminded her of.

She said: "I knew he reminded me of someone, my ex-girlfriend Tosh, she was this smooth operator like Gray, she had me wrapped around her little finger."

Taking a breath, Kheerat said: "Look Tina, I don't have any proof about what went on in that house, but one minute Chantelle was ready to leave Gray for me, and the next minute she was dead."

Looking worried, Tina asked: "You don't think he could have been violent before her?"

Kheerat, who had fallen in love with Chantelle in the months before Gray left her for dead, replied: "I have asked myself that question a million times, but she never said anything.

"But what I do know is, underneath all those pressed suits and smart ties, Gray's capable of much more than what people think."

As Tina absorbed the information, the show's famous duff duffs played out, meaning viewers will have to wait and see what her next move will be.

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