EastEnders Mick secret daughter, Corrie Geoff revenge and 23 more soap spoilers

It’s another huge week in the land of soap next week, as Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) attempts to sabotage Sally (Sally Dynevor) and Tim’s (Joe Duttine) wedding in Coronation Street.

Meanwhile, Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) receives the shock of his life in EastEnders when Frankie Lewis (Rose Ayling-Ellis) reveals that she thinks he might be her dad!

Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) finds herself rather lonely without Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) in Emmerdale, while Juliet Nightingale (Niamh Blackshaw) undergoes something of a reinvention in Hollyoaks.

It’s all kicking off next week, that’s for sure, and if you fancy a little sneak peek, then check out our guide of all things to come!


1. Mick discovers that Frankie is looking after Ollie, and — with his suspicions having reached new heights — panic sets in, and thus he rushes to the park in order to locate them. He proceeds to push Frankie for answers about why she’s seemingly obsessed with the Carters, and she drops quite the bombshell. Yes, she reveals that she believes Mick is her father!

2. Ben wants Callum at Lexi’s dance recital, and he promises him he’ll be there — that is until Thompson calls him in again. Callum is less than pleased to hear that the listening device isn’t getting Thompson what he needs, and thus the bent copper suggests that he wear a wire.

3. The day of Chantelle’s funeral is also the day that Whitney’s trial commences, leaving Gray with a dilemma on his hands. Whitney argues that Mackenzie and Mia need him, and therefore he needs to attend the funeral. As the day of Chantelle’s funeral arrives, the abuser struggles to hold it together.

4. Suki arrives, and demands that they now pay more rent as a result of the new tenants in the property. Kat is desperate to acquire more cash in order to pay Suki, and Stacey offers to assist, as she offers to sell her stuff online in order to cover them for the month. Kush interrupts their efforts with a wad of cash which will inevitably save the day.

5. Phil visits Raymond, he feels an instant bond with the child. However, he soon comes face-to-face with Ellie. After striking up a conversation with Ellie, he lies about who he is and why he’s there.

6. Whitney’s first dat in court arrives, and she defends herself as the prosecution grills her, which gets things off to a good start/

7. Mick takes to the stand, but he struggles under the pressure, and with the prosecution demanding answers, he grabs his chest in pain and collapses due to a panic attack.

Coronation Street

8. Geoff overhears about Sally and Tim’s wedding, and Tim implores that his dad stay away from the ceremony. Unable to let it be, Geoff begs his son to reconsider, hoping that he’ll allow him to attend the service, but Tim remains steadfast in his position — promising Sally that his dad will not ruin their big day.

9. Tim’s secretly worried that Geoff will do just that — something which he later relays to Abi. Therefore, Abi decides to take matters into her own hands. The question is: what does she have up her sleeve?

10. Eileen returns to the street, and after an intruder breaks into her home, she investigates — and discovers note stuffed under the back door. The note is from Todd, who’s desperate for his mum to come and meet him at an old warehouse. She later comes face-to-face with Todd, who admits that he’s in danger.

11. Gail returns and is shocked to discover that Nick has a son with her old enemy Natasha Blakeman. However, in spite of the shock, she later meets Sam for the very first time.

12. Alya visits Yasmeen in prison, but Yasmeen reveals that she’s glad she’ behind bars, and that she feels much safer there while Geoff is still at large. Alya is shocked at her gran’s statement.

13. Nick decides to come clean, and thus tells Leanne about Sam. Leanne is fuming to say the least, and she demands that he call Sam and Natasha to summon them to the hospital this instant.

14. Billy opens up to David, revealing that he thinks Paul has taken on too much.


15. Chas and Al decide to spend the afternoon together, and therefore head off on a picnic. Bear — having seen the two together — informs Paddy of what he saw, and the vet grows concerned for his marriage. As Al and Chas enjoy their afternoon together, there’s another moment of attraction between them — something which Chas fights, as she looks away.

16. Charity finds herself feeling rather lonely without Vanessa — something which is made all the worse when she doesn’t hear from her.

17. Manpreet worries about how close Meena and Rishi are becoming, and therefore distracts herself by checking out the pile of CVs for the nurse vacancy at the surgery. Rishi has a plan, however, as he introduces Meena to Liam and her sister interviews for the job. Manpreet puts her through her paces — and Liam is shocked by how she handles the situation.

18. Jamie is found unconscious by Luke, but what has transpired? Is he okay?

19. Billy asks Ellis for some advice regarding Dawn, and then later demands that Dawn reveal why they cannot be together.

20. Victoria finds a a parcel on her doorstep, but just what is it?


21. Sami attempts to convince Verity to allow Maxine to take part in the law firm’s photo shoot.

22. Warren and Felix decide to set up a business together at the garage, but there is soon conflict, and — after Warren locks Felix in a cupboard — Felix endures horrifying flashbacks, which results in violence upon his release.

23. Jordan informs Victor that Juliet messed up, but when the drugs boss reveals he doesn’t like snitches, Jordan is left fearing for his life, and thus asks Leela to run away with him.

24. Sid gets back into school, and ponders the prospect of making a fresh start.

25. Victor has a big proposition for Juliet, and thus she decides to reinvent her look. The question is: is it a life of crime that she’s after? Or a fresh start with Sid?

EastEnders airs Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday on BBC One. Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on ITV, while Emmerdale airs Monday-Friday. Hollyoaks airs Monday-Thursday on E4.

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