EastEnders spoilers: Bobby Beale's OCD spirals out of control

PARANOID Bobby Beale spirals out of control next week in EastEnders. 

The youngster – who is played by Clay Milner Russel in the BBC One soap – has been growingly increasingly worried about hygiene and catching coronavirus recently. 

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Viewers will see Bobby panic this week when he hears that Sharon has come down with a bug. 

Heading over to hers to check on her, the youngster will start obsessively scrubbing the kitchen.

And things will only worsen in next week’s episodes of EastEnders when the youngster starts to blame himself when Kathy is injured while out on a date. 

A tipsy Kathy trips over and hurts her ankle while enjoying a few drinks at The Prince Albert. 

But later, Peter finds Bobby frantically scrubbing everything clean and counting to give, blaming himself for Kathy’s injury.

Later, Bobby spirals further out of control as he frantically cleans his hands and worries about Kathy.

But when Peter express his concerns, Bobby implores him not to tell Kathy or Ian.

Could Bobby be suffering from OCD?

If so, is Bobby prepared to accept help if Peter speaks out?

EastEnders fans know that Bobby has been struggling with his mental health ever since he murdered his sister Lucy back in 2014.

The youngster struggled to come to terms with his past after returning to Walford from the youth detention centre, where he spent three long years.

After being haunted by visions of his late sister, Bobby almost killed himself by veering in front of a high-speed train while in a drug-induced state.

The teen also converted to Islam to try and cope with his killer past. 

But things only worsened for him when he became embroiled in a brutal bullying storyline that eventually saw him rushed to hospital after a vile Islamophobic attack. 

Most recently, the troubled teen recently headed on a downward spiral after his brother Peter stole his crush Dotty. 

Watching Peter kiss Dotty in the club, Bobby turned to drugs yet again and ended up collapsing in the venue.

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