Eight huge Eastenders spoilers for next week including Ruby Allen’s horror fall and Phil’s warning to Suki

RUBY Allen’s pregnancy lies spiral out of control next week in EastEnders, while Phil warns the Panesars to keep away from his family business.  

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening next week in the BBC One soap…

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1. Ruby rejects Dotty’s business proposition 

Dotty suggests paying Tiffany and her friends to promote the club on social media to entice more city boys, and Ruby promises to think about it.

But when Stacey apologises to Ruby for trying to expose her pregnancy in an attempt to become a better person, Ruby has a change of heart.

Later, Ruby tells a shocked Dotty that if she really was Tiffany’s friend then she wouldn’t use her.

2. Ruby’s baby lies escalate

Martin asks Ruby when the date is for their 12 week scan, leaving Ruby worried.

Ruby looks into private scans knowing the dates won’t add up. 

At the hospital, the sonographer tells her she’s about seven weeks – and the reality of everything sinks in. 

3. Ruby locks horns with Stacey

Later, when Martin suggests booking a trip with Ruby over Easter to relax, she suggests taking the kids. 

But Stacey isn’t happy about the idea and they all agree to discuss it later. 

Lily spots an opportunity and promises to get Stacey on side if Ruby does something for her. 

Later at The Vic, Martin, Stacey and Ruby meet to discuss the trip but Stacey is left fuming when Lily’s ears prick up at the mention of Greece. 

4. Ruby is rushed to hospital

An argument erupts and Ruby heads to the bathroom before quickly leaving. 

Viewers will then see Ruby phone the hospital and announce she’s pregnant and bleeding.

Meanwhile, Stacey is furious when she discovers that Ruby has bought stuff for the holiday on her credit card and vows to make Ruby pay.

5. Ruby has a horror fall

Stacey stops by at Ruby’s to demand the money, but is taken aback when they end up reminiscing about their teenage years. 

When Ruby’s scheming with Kush is mentioned, however, the argument escalates and Ruby ends up falling backwards down the stairs. 

Will everything be okay?

6. Kat grows jealous of Sharon

Phil promises Kat that there’s nothing between him and Sharon when he gets a text from her, but Kat assures him that she’s not bothered either way. 

At the call centre, Mo notices Kheerat trying to steal a new customer called Stas from the Mitchells.

Mo tells Kat about Kheerat’s dodgy dealing and Kat puts two and two together, texting Phil the information. 

As Phil meets Stas he looks at Kat’s text and uses the information to his advantage. 

7. Phil goes to war with Suki

Later in the pub, Kheerat is gutted when Stas turns him down thanks to Phil's meddling.

Phil thanks Kat for the tip off but she’s left wondering what’s going on between him and Sharon.

Later, Phil warns Suki to stay away from his family business. 

8. Dotty turns against Ruby 

Keegan worries they’ve spent their rent money on a night out but Tiffany tells him she can sort it with Jack. 

When Tiffany mentions her dilemma, Dotty announces she has a proposition for her but only if Tiff tells her everything she knows about Ruby.

Dotty later pitches another idea to Ruby who, distracted by the drama with Stacey, agrees to let Dotty and Tiffany host tables.

What is Dotty planning?

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