Emmerdale fans amazed as Diane Sugden is ‘replaced’ by co-star after Hotten exit

Emmerdale viewers were gobsmacked by Charity Dingle's latest transformation.

In Thursday's episodes, Charity (Emma Atkins) donned a short wig and Diane Sugden's clothes in an attempt to turn herself into the supergran.

After a long feud with granddaughter Sarah which forced her mum Debbie to flee back to Scotland, Charity was determined to win back the favour of her family.

So she donned Diane's coat and pearls and arranged a meeting with Sarah in disguise.

And when Sarah clocked it was really Charity, she couldn't hold back her laughter.

"I can be responsible," Charity pleaded. "I can be a good gran."

And Sarah was clearly won over by Charity's antics, as she agreed to let bygones be bygones.

She later pretended Diane had arrived in a taxi behind the pair, leaving Charity wide eyed.

"She was supposed to be in Hotten!"

A grinning Sarah joked: "Got ya!"

Viewers flocked to Twitter to share their giggles.

"Charity's best disguise yet!" one posted with cry-laughing emojis.

Another said: "What does Charity look like!"

And someone else was clearly pleased with her makeover, writing: "Charity dressed up as Diane just made my day, she is iconic."

Another fan saw a likeness to a Coronation Street character, penning: "Charity looks like Hayley Cropper."

But someone else saw a different uncanny resemblance, posting: "Why is Charity dressed as Theresa May?"

A sixth viewer added: "Why has Charity raided Diane's wardrobe and snatched her wig?"

Charity decided to step up after her son Ryan gave her a talking to earlier on Thursday night.

After attempting to sleep with Debbie's ex Al, Charity was locked in a long-term feud with her son Noah and granddaughter Sarah.

Debbie ran for the hills after finding out about her mum's betrayal, especially after Al cheated on her with Priya.

And Sarah was upset because she felt Charity had forced her mum to leave.

And after attempts to reconcile with the kids at the Hop on Wednesday failed, Charity clearly felt more drastic measures were necessary.

More Emmerdale fans thought Charity's new wig could work as a thinking cap to solve Lydia's money woes, as she found out villain Paul had run up a credit card debt on her account.

"Lydia needs 5K. It'll be alright, just get Charity to keep that wig on, she thinks her best schemes wearing a wig, Lydia will have her money in no time," one viewer wrote on social media.

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