Emmerdale spoilers: Vinny Dingle caught by Meena Jutla as he discovers proof of her murders

AFTER wreaking havoc in the Dales, Meena Jutla could well face her comeuppance.

But as she is desperate to keep her murder spree a secret, the serial killer takes in a hostage when Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) gets too close for comfort.

In recent weeks, Emmerdale fans have seen the evil nurse stop at nothing to save herself.

After killing her best friend Nadine (her death occurred before Paige Sandhu's character was ever introduced to the ITV soap), Meena has killed three more characters.

These include Andrea Tate, Ben Tucker and Leanna Cavanagh.

Meena's evil ways know no bounds as proven by her sister Manpreet.

The GP was on her sister's trail but quickly found that she was not exempt from any retaliation.

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The murderer is holding her captive, determined to silence her.

Emmerdale fans even watched in horror on Monday, January 3, when Meena made threats to Manpreet's dog Princess.

But when Vinny Dingle finds proof of Meena's murders, he becomes the killer's next target.

The 20-year-old has begun to dig around the incidents that happened during Survival Week, which led to Andrea Tate's death.

On December 28th, 2021, he was told by Billy Fletcher that the late Ben Tucker was convinced that these were anything but accidental, due to footage recovered by the body cam.

Desperate to prove that his on-off girlfriend Liv had nothing to do with Ben Tucker's death, Vinny begins to investigate.

Liv is behind bars after Lydia Dingle informed the police of a video in which she argues with Ben on the day of his death.

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Vinny's personal investigation catapults him into Meena's firing line and he is given the same fate as Manpreet.

Held hostage in an upcoming Emmerdale episode set to air on January 10, Vinny is told of Meena's previous victims by Manpreet.

All hope seems to be lost when Meena uses his phone to send a worried Mandy a reassuring message in order to keep her off her trail.

While he tries to reassure Manpreet, Vinny is overcome by fear when Meena wheels in an IV set up after forcing a dose of drugs on her own sister.

Vinny had then tried to free both himself and Manpreet by kicking his keys over to the practitioner, to no avail.

After fighting the drugs in her system, Manpreet manages to free herself and confronts Meena, wounding her at the wrists.

However, Meena regains the upper hand and is able to restrain Manpreet with fresh cable ties.

When Liam becomes suspicious of her, Meena decides to cut all loose ties and comes up with a horrifying plan to get rid of both Vinny and Manpreet.

Meanwhile, Mandy's anxiety gets the best of her as she finds out that Vinny missed out on a visit with Liv.

Could Many be closing in on Meena?

Will Meena ever be exposed for her actions, including the murder of her former best friend Nadine?

Tune in to ITV to find out.

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