Emmerdale’s Doug gives Bob a tongue-lashing about his sordid affair with Laurel

Though Laurel Thomas’ affair with Bob Hope had viewers split, they were utterly touched when Laurel opened up to her dad, Doug Potts.

Her son, Arthur, spotted Laurel and Bob together in the middle of their tryst, and soon demanded to have the day off from school.

His tantrum piqued when he referred to his mum as a "baddie," but soon viewers were touched by her confession to Doug about the affair.

After Laurel’s husband, Ashley, died after struggling with dementia, Doug was convinced that she had been taken advantage of by Bob.

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She tells him: "I just needed something, someone."

"I liked being wanted again, I liked thinking about something else, someone else, someone that wasn’t Ashley.

"And I liked not being locked in that world of loss and grief and missing and yearning for what could never be."

Her confession was truly heartbreaking, but Doug was convinced that Bob had taken advantage and immediately went to give Bob a piece of his mind.

Fans celebrated as Doug gave Bob piece of his mind, reminding him that Ashley was one of his closest friends.

Doug said: "She’s a grieving widow for crying out loud.

"It’s not just Brenda you’ve hurt, have you? I’ve been a damn good friend to you."

He went on to call Bob various names, adding: "Laurel was vulnerable and you took advantage

"It may have meant nothing to you, but she is in pieces over it."

Viewers were happy to see cheating Bob get his just dessert from Doug, with some even calling for the old-timer to get physical.

Emmerdale airs from 7pm weekdays on ITV.

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