Fans accuse Kim Kardashian of copying sister Kylie Jenner’s look in sizzling shots – The Sun

FANS were quick to comment on Kim Kardashian's latest look as she put on a sultry pose for the camera.

But her followers seemed more interested in pointing out that she was wearing the same top her little sister Kylie Jenner had worn just one day before.

Kim, 39, donned the cleavage enhancing top for a snap on her Instagram page and captioned it with the words: "Manifest it all ✨ Dreams do come true ✨".

And while some thanked the reality star and businesswoman for her encouragement, others focused instead on what she was wearing.

"I seen Kylie with that shirt on first," said one observer.

Another added: "Aww ? you and Kylie are twins ?‍♀️".

One fan asked: "Why you playing in Kylie's closet?"

Younger sister Kylie Jenner was seen wearing the distinctive pale top earlier in the week as she posted a video for her followers.

Kylie, 22, also had her hair slicked back in a ponytail and large earrings – just like Kim – when she wore the corset style top.

This led to a further debate between fans over who best carried off the look.

Rooting for Kim, one fashionista wrote: "This top kinda looks better on you? I didn’t really like it that much on Kylie.

"Both beautiful tho❤️"

But another was adamant: "Kylie wore it best".

This week Kim has been busy promoting her new SKIMS Butter collection bra and underwear on Instagram.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star posted a series of four photos of her wearing the nude shapewear undergarments.

She captioned the post: "Coming soon: The @SKIMS Butter Collection — ultra soft and smooth Summer basics that melt to your body. Can be worn both indoors and out, available in 3 colors and in sizes XXS – 4X."

The mom of four added that customers can buy the SKIMS Butter Collection beginning on Tuesday, June 30 exclusively at SKIMS.COM.

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