Find Out How Tyler Perry Handles Filming During Pandemic After Crew Members Test Positive

Despite that, the media mogul and his crew were still able to wrap up the production for the ‘Sistas’ without having any other members test positive for the virus.

AceShowbiz -Filming during the pandemic era is surely not an easy feat, but Tyler Perry has managed to do it. However, it doesn’t mean he didn’t have any difficulties while shooting “Sistas” because the media mogul recently revealed in an interview that four crew members actually tested positive during the production.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporters, Perry broke down how he handled the situation after learning of the news. “Here’s how it went: We had 160 people check in the first day, go to their rooms, get tested and wait for their results. Nobody was able to leave their rooms. We had two positives in that. So we had them escorted out and got the help that they needed,” the star explained.

“Then 200 people checked in [soon after] and we had two positive inside of the 200. We had them escorted out and got them the help that they needed. So we had four before anybody left their rooms, before anybody started work,” Perry continued, pointing out that this way more people would not be affected. “Those rooms were kept closed and off limits to anybody until after we finished shooting.”

Executive produced by Perry, “Sistas” follows a group of single black women from different walks of life who bond over their one common thread: why am I single? In this bold new series, viewers watch these women navigate their “complicated love life” status, careers and friendship through the ups-and-downs of living in a modern world of social media and unrealistic relationship goals.

First aired in October last year on BET, this comedy-drama series stars KJ Smith, Ebony Obsidian, Mignon Von and Novi Brown among others. It’s still unclear when the second season of the show will be released to the public.

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