'Frasier': Kelsey Grammar Reveals the 1 Item He Kept From the Show

Kelsey Grammar has built a career that has allowed him to work on all kinds of programs, but he will forever be recognized for his role in Frasier. The show, which aired for 11 seasons between 1993 and 2004, sent Grammar to new heights in his career, earning him professional acclaim and a trove of prestigious awards, including two Golden Globes.

Given its success, it was undoubtedly a sad time when he had to walk away. But on the bright side, Grammar at least took something with him to remember his experiences. In a new interview, he revealed the special memento he took from the set.

Kelsey Grammar recently revealed he has a souvenir from ‘Frasier’

Grammar recently did an interview on the YouTube series Stars in the House, put together to raise funds for The Actors Fund. Sitting down with co-stars David Hyde Pierce, Peri Gilpin, Jane Leeves, Bebe Neuwirth, and Dan Butler, he and his castmates began taking fan questions about the sitcom. Around the 16:00 mark, Grammar revealed that he kept the piano from Frasier’s living room that he sometimes would play for his family and friends.

“I did have to pay Steinway for it,” he continued. “‘Cause remember, they gave it to us. But when I said I wanted it, they said, ‘Well, that’ll be about a thousand dollars…’ I’ve got it sitting in the house in Palm Springs with all your lovely signatures on it. It’s quite a conversation piece.”

Meanwhile, Gilpin admitted she took the headphones from Roz’s workplace, while Pierce and Leeves admitted that they took pictures that were hanging around the set.

The interview comes amid talks of a reboot

Grammar has been teasing a Frasier revival since 2018. A year later, he told Vulture, “There’s life in there.” But “there’s a few other things we’re working on first, and Frasier takes a backseat to that. I’ve shot five movies in the last year and a half … and eventually one of them is gonna get seen!” 

Reboot talks emerged again earlier in 2020 when the Frasier cast reunited on Stars in the House. But none of the cast members would directly confirm or deny whether one would actually happen.

“We’re sort of on standby a little bit,” Grammar said in a November 2019 interview on In Depth with Graham Bensinger (via People). “Working out a couple of possible network deals that we’re circling. Frasier is sort of in a second position to that at this point. So there’s still stuff going on. But a revisit to Frasier, Frasier’s world is I think definitely going to come.”

In the meantime, fans can stream Frasier on Hulu, CBS All Access, and Prime Video.

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