Fred Dinenage quits ITV: Why is he leaving ITV Meridian?

Fred Dineneage reveals the truth behind his path to ITV

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Fred Dinenage has been with ITV for nearly 40 years as one of the regional presenters on ITV News Meridian. He has just announced he will be hanging up his microphone at Christmas and thanked his colleagues for their continued support. has all you need to know about why he is leaving the TV news programme.

Why is Fred Dinenage leaving ITV Meridian?

ITV Meridian has provided all the latest news updates for viewers living in the South and South East of England for many years.

The station first launched in 1993 following a rebrand and Dinenage, 79, stepped up as one of the main news anchors from the outset.

On October 12, 2021, he announced: “After almost thirty eight years co-presenting the ITV six o’clock show in the south and south east I’ve finally decided to hang up my microphone.

“It’s been a really tough decision but I now want to spend a few years with my wife, Beverley, and our three dogs smelling the roses in my garden and spending time in the mountains of Austria.”

Although it sounds like the start of the presenter’s retirement, he is not ready to leave the world of TV just yet.

He added: “I will be continuing with my crime programmes and ITV’s How! and writing books, including one recently commissioned.

“But now I feel it is the right time to move on. I will miss my dear co-presenter, Sangeeta, and my colleagues at ITV Meridian terribly.

“And, of course, I will miss our wonderful viewers who have given me such incredible love and support for so long.”

The presenter is almost 80 and he will be looking forward to taking on some less demanding roles.

He concluded: “I’ve been so lucky in my life and career – fifty eight years working non-stop on regional and network programmes with ITV and I’ve been blessed by having a truly special family. So, to everyone – thank you.”

The presenter is also known for his appearances on Tell the Truth and Coast to Coast.

He has also hosted a number of sports shows, including covering regional sport for Yorkshire Television.

He was able to cover two Olympic Games during his time on World of Sport and recalls many memorable experiences.

The presenter also branched into children’s television, starring on the programme How?

His most recent role has been starring alongside Sangeeta Bhabra on ITV News Meridian.

His co-presenter said an emotional farewell, adding: “Fred has been the best teacher and co-presenter.

“I always knew this day would come and I’m really happy that Fred will be spending more time with his family and doing the things he loves.”

During the coronavirus pandemic, Dinenage had been presenting the evening news show from his home.

His segments regularly feature his dog Dave, and they have been the highlight of many evenings.

His many years of work have not gone unnoticed as he is the recipient of RTS Awards and an MBE.

Fans took to social media to wish the news anchor luck as it looks to step down at the end of the year.

Colleague Stacey Poole said on Twitter: “It’s such a sad day. You have taught me so much and I have loved every minute working with you. Every show we always had a laugh, and your stories are legendary!

“It won’t be the same without you. I will miss you hugely.”

Jonathan Wills added: “A legend who inspired me to follow in his footsteps and who has always been such a positive force in regional news.

“Thanks Fred for everything, personally and the whole team @ITVChannelTV.”

Ben Johnson said: “I feel like crying. It’s the end of a era. Through Southern, TVS, Meridian and ITV Meridian you have always been there.

“I was privileged to interview you myself a few years ago and you were the perfect gentleman as I always knew you were. You’ll be missed so very much.”

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