From no pants in bed to new knickers every day – celebs' underwear confessions after Gillian Anderson's no more bras vow

GILLIAN Anderson revealed she's ditching bras because they are “too f***ing uncomfortable” and she’s not the only celebrity with a surprising underwear confession. 

The actress, 52, who played Margaret Thatcher in The Crown, made the decision after she “got so lazy” during lockdown and has no regrets.

She admitted: “I don’t care if my breasts reach my belly button, I’m not wearing a bra anymore.”

The X-Files star would prefer to wear her favourite “black track pants and matching hoodie” combo “every day” if she could.

Her candid remarks were applauded online – but not all celebrities have received such positive feedback on their underwear confessions. 

Holly Willoughby’s heels in bed

Last month, the ITV star was grilled during a segment on This Morning about what people wore to bed.

“No pants! No pants,” Holly, 40, admitted. “Stop making me say ‘no pants’ on the TV!”

It followed Phillip Schofield telling her to “fess up” while they discussed whether wearing underwear beneath pyjamas was a fashion faux pas.

In 2009, Holly also admitted: “I love wearing new shoes during sex and not just because it’s kinky.”

I always wear them in the bedroom during the sex act before I take them outside.

She denied having a foot fetish and revealed it was part of “saucy games” she plays with hubby Dan Baldwin.

Holly told the Daily Star: “I have found the best way to break in new shoes is to wear them during sex.

“It’s become a sort of rule whenever I get a new pair of shoes. 

“I always wear them in the bedroom during the sex act before I take them outside.”

Gemma Collins’ knicker shocker

The former TOWIE star, 40, admitted she refuses to wear a pair of pants more than once. 

She said: “I don’t like the way they feel after a wash. I just like a fresh pair every time I go out.”

Gemma knew it was bad for the environment and she planned to “change my ways”.

She hoped to no longer be considered “a sinner” and “a bad girl” for her wasteful ways.

Gemma explained: "They go in a drawer. My lovely assistant Alexis rolls them all up."

Earlier on the TV show Unforgivable, she said: “I don't wear the same underwear twice – it's disgusting, it's bad.”

Jordan North’s dirty underpants

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! fans are used to having their stomachs turned with eating challenges during Bushtucker Trials. 

But in last year’s instalment of the ITV show, many were also sickened by the confession of contestant Jordan North.

The Radio 1 DJ, 31, revealed he hadn’t changed his underwear in three days.

He said: “Usually at home I wear them once, in here we’ve just gone feral.”

We saw how much you were sh**ing yourself last trial.

The confession emerged after Beverley Callard and Hollie Arnold said they planned to do a “mass laundry wash”.

Jordan’s shocked fellow campmates stuck with him in Gwrych Castle, Wales, including Jessica Plummer.

On Twitter, Fans urged him to clean his clothes immediately.

One wrote: “Jordan PLEASE change your pants we saw how much you were sh**ing yourself last trial.”

A second added: “Jordan hasn’t changed his pants for 3 days and wet the bed until he was 15 but I still love him more than ever.”

Rita Orta's wrong bra

The singer-songwriter, 28, took to Instagram to reveal her bra blunder and urged fans to get a properly fitted.

She wrote: "Cozy bra crew. Just got my bra size refitted and realised I was wearing the wrong size this whole time!"

Rita claimed her fans would be "pleasantly surprised! Unless it's intentional of course!".

Despite fans asking whether was a cup-size "bigger or smaller", she didn't reply.

On one of the sizzling snaps, she wrote: "Shout out to all the ladies who wear comfy bras and honestly don't give a!!!"

Tom Jones’ knicker fury

During the Sexbomb singer’s heyday, Sir Tom was pelted with underwear from screaming wherever he performed. 

While he initially enjoyed the attention, over time he began to hate it. 

Sir Tom admitted to being his “own worst enemy” because he encouraged it early on in his career, according to a 2010 Times Magazine article.  

It's just wrong. I'm laying my soul down here. And people start laughing

He explained that the knicker throwing started at working men’s clubs, in South Wales, and he chose to “make something out of it”.

The first time it happened, he picked up a pair of underwear and used them to mop his sweaty brow. 

This year, Sir Tom told SiriusXM that “the trouble with the pants throwing” was that it was a “distraction” during his performances.

He said: “Especially if you're doing a ballad and trying to create a moment in a song, you don't want distractions.

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"It's not too bad with up-tempo stuff but it takes away from the music.”

In a previous interview, Sir Tom fumed about being struck by underwear projectiles.

He told Times Magazine: “It's just wrong. I'm laying my soul down here. And people start laughing.”

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