Gardeners’ World: Monty Don rushes off-screen after gardening error ‘I need to go get it!’

Gardeners’ World: Monty Don gives advice for growing gherkins

Monty, 65, is renowned with viewers of Gardeners’ World for providing them with tips and tricks on how best to maintain their own forestries at home. As in all episodes of the hit BBC programme, the presenter gives demonstrations on how to tend to flowers and plants to get the best out of them. However, he had to leave filming of the show for a brief moment during a recent episode as he didn’t have any plant labels on him that would help him remember what seeds he had sown.

Beginning his demonstration, the presenter told viewers: “This summer, we all want colour and life and positivity.

“And a really good way of doing that is to sew some tender annuals now and they will be ready to plant out sometime in June and flower from July right out to the first frost.

“Don’t be frightened of using up old seed if you’ve got any,” he continued before getting stuck into the process.

Monty told viewers to get some peat-free compost and shovel it into a flower box, adding they could use soil from their own gardens.

Once shaken down, he then instructed avid gardeners to place the seeds of whatever plant they wanted to grow into the dirt.

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To complete the sowing process, the presenter then put some more soil on top of the seeds so they were fully immersed and out of the sunlight.

After that, Monty then compacted the soil to make sure it was more of a solid form that loose pieces of dirt.

However, it was at this moment he addressed his error as he had forgotten to bring the plant labels with him.

“I’m going to have to go inside because filming this myself, I forgot to get them,” he added, before rushing off to get the equipment.

Monty Don has Gardeners’ World filming equipment removed

I forgot to get them

Monty Don

After putting the flower box into a bath of water, he then told viewers: “I need to go and get a label to mark it.”

Whilst he was missing from the scene, the sound of bird song was played out with the camera set upon a bunch of plants.

The next moment, the host was back and was seen writing on the label the name of the plant he had just sown.

Monty then popped the label into the soil so the inscription was visible above the level where the soil had been placed.

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Following the flowerbed being in the water for five minutes to make it damp, the presenter was then seen drying it off.

Talking directly to viewers at home, Monty told them they needed to put their creations somewhere warm to absorb the moisture.

The best places for it he said were either in a windowsill or above a radiator to generate the heat needed.

With the process complete, the presenter then assured avid gardeners they could plant them in their forestries in the summer.

Taking to Twitter, fans have been sharing their praise of listening in to Monty’s tips and tricks for getting their gardens ready for the summer.

One viewer wrote: “Last week’s show was just wonderful. Can’t wait for this week. One of my gardening highlights last year were my cosmos, grown from seed they survived until November in my containers, growing to nearly six feet tall and attracted loss of bees.”

Another posted: “Watching the garden transform from bare earth to a little oasis and looking forward to watching it bloom again this Summer.”

Whilst a third commented: “Planting Sunflower seeds last Spring, and watching them grow, was a distraction from the current situation. Will repeat in 2021.”

Gardeners’ World continues tonight at 8:10pm on BBC Two.

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