‘Germ-ridden!’ Author says she will never wear face masks again amid rising infection rate

Author Tonia Buxton says she will never wear a face mask again

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Author Tonia Buxton has called face masks “germ-ridden rubbish” after saying she will never wear a face mask again. It came amid soaring coronavirus infection rates in the UK where daily cases have been above 40,000 for eight days in a row. 

Speaking on talkRadio, author Tonia Buxton said: “One of the reasons I will never ever put a mask on again, is because I know I have read every single report about masks.

“I mean I make it my job.

“No I’m not a virologist, an immunologist, one of those who will be tweeting about that.”

The host Mike Graham chipped in: “Neither is the bloke in charge of NHS confederation by the way, who is a former councillor- he has no knowledge”.

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The author continued: “I bet he hasn’t read as many reports as I have about face masks.

“I’m pretty sure he hasn’t because there isn’t not a single one I haven’t read.

“And the conclusion is they do nothing.

“They do absolutely nothing.”

She went on: “These homemade fashionable ones that you got to go with your dress.

“They are just germ ridden rubbish.”

The host said: “If you’ve washed them more than about five times, you should throw them away.”

Ms Buxton said: “Absolutely. People don’t do that of course.

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“They just don’t wash them at all.

“They just put them in the bag and out again anyway.

“So that is just wrong. So it really goes any intelligent person who wears a mask surely goes against their kind of sense of self-being to put something across the mouth and their nose that they know does nothing apart from control.”

She added: “Yeah, I can’t do it mentally. I can’t do it, I cannot do it.”
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