Get a slight shiver Richard Madeley leaves GMB speechless over figure at the end of bed

GMB: Richard Madeley reveals he had an encounter with a ghost

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The Good Morning Britain host shared his ghost story with viewers after Andi Peters appeared on the show to discuss this week’s prize, which included a trip to Disneyland Paris. As Susanna Reid rolled her eyes on the ITV show, Richard Madeley trailed off to share a story about the time he spotted ghost by his bed whilst on holiday, explaining the encounter gave him “shivers”.

As Andi finished explaining the prize to viewers, Richard commented: “I’ve got to say, that is a brilliant prize although I always get a slight shiver down my neck when somebody talks about Euro Disney.”

Co-host Susanna sighed as she jibed: ” Oh, here we go… yes?”

“Because I saw a ghost on a visit to Euro Disney,” Richard elaborated.

He went on: “I definitely saw something – it’s too long a story to tell here and now but it was very strange.

“A very strange experience.”

“Okay,” Andi replied, adding: “Well…”

Susanna asked: “And you think it was specific to Disneyland Paris?”

The broadcaster replied: “No, I think it was specific to Paris, but it was on a trip to Disney.

“It was back in our Paris hotel. It was a modern hotel so not a creepy old building or anything.”

The 65-year-old explained he’d spotted a figure by the bed, adding: “I woke up in the middle of the night and I realised Judi had got out of bed.

“I thought ‘Oh is she sleepwalking?’ and my hand hit the real Judi, who was sleeping next to me.”

The journalist added the creature “stood up and shot across the room at supernatural speed”.

He continued: “All of the chains were still on the door and the room had gone very cold.”

Viewers were quick to take to social media to comment on the bizarre story.

“#GMB Serious political interviewer Richard Madley sees ghost in Paris,” DM commented.

Welsh Dragon penned: “#GMB Ghost Rolling on the floor laughing too many Gins before bed Richard.”

“#GMB wtf Richard stfu, ghost stories, he’s actually getting paid for this,” Tony S argued.

Warziod shared: “Ok. To be fair to Richard Madeley, that ghost story was really good. #GMB.”

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