GOP-Hired Prosecutor, Donald Trump Jr. Try To Undermine Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Ford Over Fear Of Flying

Senate Judiciary Committee grilling of Brett Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford hit electric level of drama when Dem Senator Richard Blumenthal began his at-bat quoting GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham, who wrote in a book, about prosecuting rape cases, “I learned how much unexpected courage from deep and hidden place takes for a rape victim or sexually abuse child to testify against an assailant.“

“If we agree on nothing else today, I hope we can agree on a bipartisan basis how much courage it has taken for you to come forward…You have earned America’s gratitude,”   he says as Ford wept.

And, when Ford said, for the third or fourth time, that  it would help her more closely identify the date Kavanaugh allegedly assaulted her if she knew when Mark Judge, who she said was in the room during the assault, worked at the local Safeway grocery store. That’s because she has memory of running into him working at the store shortly after the assault.

“It’s not up to you” to get that information Blumenthal assured her. “It’s up to the President of the United States and his failure to ask for an FBI review is tantamount to a coverup.”

Trump’s administration has blocked an FBI investigation, because it would delay his confirmation for Republicans running for office in a midterm election in little more than one month.

Meanwhile, Rachel Mitchell is slowly building a case Ford’s claims are politically motivated and she is in cahoots with Dems. She asked Ford why she did not reach out to Republicans to give them a heads up about her allegations on Kavanaugh — Ford, who lives in Palo Alto, reached out to her local representative who is a Democrat.

Mitchell is the expert on sex crimes prosecution hired by Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans to question Ford as well as embattled Kavanaugh,  so that this line of questioning won’t be coming only from a bunch of white men on the committee.

Also attempting to undermine Ford’s credibility, she peppered her with questions about flying to family vacations and work commitments, when she stated she has a fear of flying as they were brokering if, how and when she would appear before the committee.

When Mitchell noted Ford did some work for an Australian organization, Ford jumped in to assure her she had not flown to Australia, and the org has an office in San Francisco.  She also noted it’s easier to fly on vacation than to testify under oath at a senate hearing. She said she is terrified but considered testfying “my civic duty.” She did not add that, on vacation, she’s not testifying under oath before people who have called her a pawn and a liar.

Donald Trump Jr. pounced, nonetheless, as if on cue:

Hopefully DJTJ was watching CNN when contributor Kirsten Powers explained to viewers that she knows from personal experience with anxiety and fear of flying that “the way anxiety works is…when something triggers you, like having to testify in front of the entire country…all your other fears become so much bigger than they would otherwise be.”

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