Harriet and Will unite to save Dawn in Emmerdale twist?

Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) has had a rough couple of months in Emmerdale thanks to Dawn (Olivia Bromley) and Will (Dean Andrews), but will there be more heartache ahead for the vicar?

After being robbed several weeks back, it became apparent that Harriet was being stalked. The Emmerdale vicar was on the verge of becoming a recluse after a series of freaky incidents — including her having been locked in her own church — left her scared out of her wits.

She racked her brains to think about who would do this to her, and although many villagers were quick to condemn Dawn, Harriet remained adamant that she had nothing to do with it. However, it was later revealed that the young woman was very much the person responsible. Seeking retribution on behalf of her dad Will — who is very much alive — Dawn was hoping to make Harriet pay for what she did all those years ago.

In spite of her motivations, guilt soon sets in for Dawn. She turns up on Harriet’s doorstep and begs forgiveness, claiming that she doesn’t want to lose her.

If that wasn’t hard enough for Harriet to handle, Will later shows up and explains that Dawn is in a bad way, and he fears that she might relapse.

Will Harriet give in to her better nature and help out the young woman?

The former copper is understandably conflicted. While her religious teachings would no doubt encourage her forgive, it’s the fact that Dawn was like family to her that’s making this such a tough pill to swallow. After all that has transpired, could she really trust Dawn again?

If not, Dawn could be in serious danger.

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