Hawkeye: All the Trick Arrows From Episode 3, Ranked

That plunger arrow is more useful than it looks


Marvel’s latest Disney+ series “Hawkeye” is going a long way to prove to people just how cool — and useful — Clint Barton has always been.

This week, fans finally got a look at the trick arrows that Kate Bishop was so excited about in the trailer — and deservedly so. Hawkeye has some pretty fun stuff in his quiver. From explosive arrows to putty arrows to Pym Tech (!) arrows, Clint Barton isn’t coming to a fight unprepared. So obviously, we had to rank them.

Here are Hawkeye’s trick arrows, from least useful to most incredible.

8. USB Arrow

To be fair, a USB arrow has probably helped Hawkeye a lot over the years on reconnaissance missions. But in the grand scheme of things, Kate Bishop is pretty spot on when she says “I hope he has a dongle arrow to make this thing useful.” It’s small potatoes in comparison to the rest.

7. Spider Arrow

Technically Hawkeye didn’t give an official name for this one, so we’re just going with Spider Arrow. After all, it essentially shot out it’s own version of webs, grabbing all those Christmas trees from the lot. Like the USB arrow, it’s probably useful in certain situations but broadly? Doubtful.

6. Plunger Arrow

Kate may have joked that a plunger arrow was useless, but in the end, it was the plunger arrow that helped her and Clint to escape the tracksuits. It’s a dark horse arrow, but definitely a practical one.

5. Smoke Bomb Arrow

For the most part, a smoke bomb arrow is really most useful as a distraction or cover. But the importance of both those things can’t be overstated. And in the case of “Hawkeye,” it made for an awesome car chase hinderance. 

4. Putty Arrow

When an arrow is both hilarious and useful, it’s a winner in our book. Granted, Kate really should have aimed the putty arrow at the tires of the Track Suit truck, but like she said, they weren’t exactly labeled. And clearly, blinding the windshield was still helpful.

3. Acid Arrow

Acid is somehow always one of the most underrated assets in superhero missions, but it’s definitely one of the most useful. It’s subtle, but powerful. And really, it’s just cool.

2. Explosive Arrow

It’s a bit hard to not have Kate Bishop’s stunned “Holy s—” reaction when it comes to the explosive arrow. It’s quick and it’s certainly effective. In an emergency, we’d definitely want this in our quiver.

1. Pym Tech Arrow

Far and away the coolest moment of episode 3 came when Clint used a Pym Tech arrow. Aimed just right, it was able to enlarge a normal arrow to destroy one of the Track Suits’ cars. Plus it made for a literal laugh-out-loud moment. Hank Pym is a true MVP for this one.

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