Here's who Quentin Tarantino has cast to play Bruce Lee in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino has cast Marvel’s Inhumans star Mike Moh as Bruce Lee in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

TheWrap reports that Moh will star as kung-fu master Lee in the film, which follows the chilling real-life Manson murders in Los Angeles.

It’s an appropriate casting, as Moh has honoured Lee in YouTube videos and in a tweet on the 45th anniversary of Lee’s death.

He tweeted: “It’s been 45 years since this man passed. #brucelee has inspired me in so many ways… Martial arts, acting, his philosophies on life. But look at the loving way he looked at his children. I know the exact feeling he felt. RIP Bruce. Walk on.”

Also starring in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood are Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate, Leonardo DiCaprio as Rick Dalton, Brad Pitt as Cliff Booth, Dakota Fanning as Squeaky Fromme, Al Pacino as Marvin Shwarz, Burt Reynolds as George Spahn, Damian Lewis as Steve McQueen, Emile Hirsch as Jay Sebring, Luke Perry as Scott Lancer, and Scoot McNairy as Business Bob Gilbert.

And that’s before we know who Kurt Russell, James Marsden, Zoë Bell, Michael Madsen and Timothy Olyphant are playing.

First look. #OnceUponATimeInHollywood @onceinhollywood

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First look. #OnceUponATimeInHollywood @onceinhollywood

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The script is thought to focus on the murder of actress Sharon Tate by Manson’s followers, although Tarantino has said it actually centres on the year 1969 instead. The official synopsis reads:

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is a story that takes place in Los Angeles in 1969, at the height of hippy Hollywood. The two lead characters are Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio), former star of a western TV series, and his long-time stunt double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt). Both are struggling to make it in a Hollywood they don’t recognise anymore. But Rick has a very famous next-door neighbour… Sharon Tate.”

Where does Bruce Lee come into this, you ask? Well, for a short time after Tate’s murder, her husband Roman Polanski wrongly believed that Lee may have been responsible for the killings.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is set for release on August 9, 2019.

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