Hollyoaks fans furious at Ste Hay and Harry Thompson's 'tiring' relationship drama

The couple spent most of tonight's E4 episode rowing, breaking up and then getting back together again before Harry opted to cheat on Ste again with a rent boy client.

It all started with James Nightingale, who is currently in prison for the murder of Kyle Kelly, but with Harry having proof that Kyle is alive and well, he tried to tell James sparking a huge row with fiance Ste.

Ste told him he was leaving him and said: "I'm moving out because of your obsession with James Nightingale."

Then Harry rushed out desperate to tell James how he had found Kyle alive, but when he got to the prison James refused to see him.

Instead a prison guard arrived with a note telling Harry that he would expose his working as a rent boy if he contacted him again.

A furious Harry left the prison and headed home just in time to see Ste leaving him.

Harry headed out determined to win back Ste's dream of the snack bar in the school.

He succeeded after taking himself out of the business and returned home to give Ste the contract and to tell him.

Ste finally decided to forgive Harry and the pair got back together, but fans have had enough and find it too tiring to cope with the endless drama.

One said: "ste & harry are the worst couple omg this is so tiring #Hollyoaks"

Another said: "Can Ste and Harry break up already I’m so sick of them. #Hollyoaks"

Last week the police discovered the phone with James and realise Harry smuggled it in for him and arrested him.

Just as Harry and Ste are making the case about why they should open The Lunchbox at the school to headmistress Sally she becomes hesitant over their criminal records and right on cue the police walk in and arrest him.

Horrified at what has happened Ste visits James in the most lax prison in all of soap and warns him off Harry.

Later when Harry is released Ste gives him an ultimatum and tells him to choose between him and James and Harry reacts in the most obvious way.

He pulled out his phone and popped onto a "social application" and found an orgy on wheels to join.

Arriving at the limousine sex party Harry was left horrified when he saw Kyle Kelly there and not, surprisingly, dead.

Soap veteran Adam Rickitt reprised the role after viewers discovered last month that the former drug dealer is still alive.

Kyle's return comes after he teamed up with lawyer Sami Maalik who wanted to get revenge on nemesis James Nightingale.

Sami persuaded Kyle to make James fall for his charms so that they could later frame him for Kyle's death, when in reality he would only be going into hiding.

But during the evil plan, Kyle began to develop genuine feelings for the solicitor but he still continued with the dastardly scheme and soon departed the village.

After discussing future plans with girlfriend Ellie Nightingale, Sami was stunned as Kyle pulled up in a van, calling: "Hi honey, I'm home!"

One fan tweeted: "OMG Kyle's back, YAY! God! Kyle's return has made me die with laughter but at the same time I am so happy."

Another put: "YES Kyle is back – this is going to be good!!"

A third fan said: "Kyle's back! Finally James can be released."

Kyle's return comes as fan favourite Ellie Nightingale prepares to depart the village.


Actress Sophie Porley is preparing to start work on other projects later this year.

The actress started on Hollyoaks in 2015 and quickly became a firm favourite with fans.

But Sophie, 25, is now looking for a change of direction and is closing the door on Chester for good.

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