How do you apply for Come Dine With Me?

But how do you apply to be on the show? Here are all the details you need.

How do  apply for Come Dine With Me?

There are several ways you can apply to be on Come Dine With Me.

You can can go to their application page.

You can also send your details to [email protected]

For Couples Come Dine With Me, you can apply via [email protected]

How do I know if Come Dine With Me are filming in my area?

The show’s official Facebook page and Twitter feed provides regular updates of which parts of the country they will be filming in during the coming weeks.

They are currently looking for people from Cardiff and Swansea and surrounding areas, plus Edinburgh.

It’s also worth keeping an eye on both pages for updates of where they might be filming at next.

Who is the Come Dine With Me narrator?

The show is narrated by Dave Lamb.

Dave has voiced the show since the start, and has kept audiences amused with his quick wit and biting remarks.

Other than Come Dine With Me, he has appeared on Goodness Gracious Me and presented the CBBC game show Horrible Histories: Gory Games.

When is Come Dine With Me On?

In short – every day.

The show is on daily on Channel 4.

But you can also catch endless repeats through the day and on Channel 4's digital Channels like More4 and 4seven.

How does Come Dine With Me work?

The show has either four or five amateur chefs competing against each other hosting a dinner party for the other contestants.

Each competitor then rates the host's performance with the winner taking home a £1,000 cash prize.

The winning competitor is announced by the person hosting the last meal.

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