How To Beat Stress contestant 'shocked' after suffering heart attack age 41

The brand new series How To Beat has launched on Channel 4 seeing the show tackle a number of problems the current generation is facing.

And this week’s focus was on beating stress, something we are all probably struggling with following the coronavirus outbreak.

Presenters Kate Quilton and Dr Javid Abdelmoneim have teamed up for the programme where they have spoken to a number of experts on how to create a happier lifestyle, which 10 contestants then put to the test over the hour-long episode.

However, just 15 minutes into the show, one of the volunteers was rushed to hospital following a heart attack.

Filming himself from bed, Craig said down the lens: ‘Stress levels are slightly elevated as I’m in the hospital. Turns out that I actually had a heart attack.’

Dr Javid then explained in the voice-over: ‘Doctors treated Craig for a blockage in his heart before he was allowed to return home to recuperate.’

When chatting with the two presenters over a video call, the Accountable Officer from Wigan stated: ‘A little bit of a shock at age 41 having a  heart attack.’

He was then asked if stress played a part in his hospital visit, to which he said: ‘My consultant said sometimes when you have had accumulated stress over the years it can happen.

‘I found the breathing techniques for the first couple of hours while they were in my heart really really helped so everything has a silver lining I suppose.’

Dr Javid pressed: ‘It really shows that your health can just take a turn at any moment doesn’t it, thank goodness he’s okay.’

The show then went on to provide top tips on how people can change their lifestye to reduce their stress levels.

Some of these included cutting back on booze and caffeine, exercising more, seeing friends, meditating and mindfulness therapy.

They also encouraged viewers to get out in the open air, take up a hobby and eat nutritious food before giving a long run down on how to change your work environment to make it almost stress free.

How To Beat continues next Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4.

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