In Honor of Sarah Jessica Parker's Birthday: 25 Roles You Forgot She Played

Looking Back at Sarah Jessica Parker’s Career

I’ll bet you couldn’t help but wonder when I’d get around to Carrie Bradshaw. A bona fide cultural and style icon (not to mention the inspiration behind droves of young women moving to Manhattan in search of a writing gig that could pay for a walk-in closet full of … actually, just a walk-in closet would be great), Carrie is not a role that’s easily forgotten. 

SATC may have been a small screen gem, but it had a ‘Big’ (ha…) impact on Parker and her costars’ careers, garnering 54 award nominations and several wins over the years. While some of the topics and references can seem dated or even offensive now, the beloved show, which ran from 1998-2004, pushed and broke the boundaries of mainstream television at the time with candid expressions of female sexuality and friendships. 

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