Is Valentine's Day For Lovers or For Mothers? This I Love a Mama's Boy Clip Is Terrifying

In an exclusive clip from TLC's I Love a Mama's Boy, Shekeb's girlfriend Emily and mom Laila cannot agree on the definition of Valentine's Day.

Sometimes, there just are no words. 

Unfortunately even when there are no words, an article still has to contain them, so we'll do our best on this one. TLC has a new show called I Love a Mama's Boy. It focuses on the poor women who are dating men who are really attached to their mothers, and it is simply something else. 

E! News has an exclusive clip from the premiere episode and it makes us physically uncomfortable to watch. It features Emily and Shekeb discussing their Valentine's Day plans, which would normally involve Shekeb spending some quality time with his girlfriend Emily and then some quality time with his mother, Laila. But Shekeb is tired of having to split his time and he thinks that this year, he and Emily and Laila should all hang out together. 

Spoiler alert: Emily is not on board and makes her feelings clear: "It's for lovers, not for mothers!"

Second spoiler alert: Laila is waiting just outside the room to contribute her thoughts. 

Shekeb explains the plans to his mom, and as you read this, please keep in mind that Emily is still sitting right there. 

"We're all gonna have Valentine's Day together," he says. "So Emily's invited. Of course you're invited—you're number one, as always." 

"Of course," Laila says, with no emotion whatsoever. 

"But it's Valentine's Day," Emily chimes in. "No one spends it with their mom." 

"So?" says Laila, cold as ice. 

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In one of the most awkward reality TV confessionals of all time, Laila, Shekeb and Emily are all stuffed onto one couch, arguing about the definition of Valentine's Day. 

"Valentine's Day is about love between mother and son," says Laila. 

"No, it's really for us as a couple," Emily says. "So I don't know why is mom is even in the picture of that one special day." 

"I'll be always in the picture," Laila threatens. "Always." 

Good luck to you, Emily. You're going to need it. 

I Love a Mama's Boy premieres Sunday, Oct. 25 at 10 p.m. on TLC. 

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