Jake Quickenden thrills fans as he shows off his package in a tiny fringe waist belt

JAKE Quickenden thrilled his fans as he showed off his package in a tiny fringe waist belt.

The former X Factor star took to Instagram to post the snap, revealing his toned torso and various tattoos.

Smirking for the camera as he took the selfie in a mirror, he wrote alongside the shot: "This is how I spend most of the first half of @hair50uk, good job I ain’t shy.

"what a buzz it is performing in a musical I’ve done loads of things, but this is the most rewarding and the most credible, singing, acting and almost dancing every night, proving to people that people from reality tv do have talent, it’s!! Friyayyyyy."

Jake, 30, has clearly bounced back from the crippling panic attack which forced him to pull out of a performance of Hair last month.

The Dancing on Ice star posted an honest account of how he was feeling, winning praise from his followers for his bravery and honesty.

Jake apologised to fans who'd missed out on seeing him in the musical and explained what had happened.

After suffering a terrible panic attack that had left him feeling as if he was going to die, he had no other option but to pull out of the matinee and evening show.

He said: "Just a little explanation, as some of you know been suffering really bad anxiety over the past few days and on sat afternoon in my matinee show I had a panic attack, I've never had one and I honestly didn't know what was happening I felt like I was dying.

"It all got abit much and my voice being sore and being tired and then the anxiety it got the better of me, I couldn't perform on the Saturday night show and I really felt upset that I let it get the better of me, which will hopefully never happen again".

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He added: "I am always in a chirpy mood and pride myself on being mentally strong, but honestly I now realise that this can happen to anyone and it's not weakness at all

"It takes a strong person to accept it and move on and deal with it, so just wanted to say that it doesn't matter who you are or what your personality is like it can effect anyone!

"And if this helps one person then I'm glad it happened to me and we can beat this s**t together!! Much love".

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