James Argent forced to leave rollercoaster after failing to squeeze into the seat despite gastric sleeve and weight loss

JAMES Argent has been forced to get off a rollercoaster after failing to fit in the seat despite his recent hard efforts to lose weight.

Former The Only Way Is Essex favourite James, 33, who underwent a gastric band operation this year, has been working hard to trim his figure.

However, the reality star was asked to step off a rollercoaster at Thorpe Park earlier this week after struggling to fit into the seat.

He was snapped struggling and pulling faces as he breathed in and wriggled his way into the rubber chair, which looked tight around his thighs.

Members of staff rushed to assist James as he tried his best to sit down and fasten the belt, but despite their efforts they couldn't get it to close safely.

Unfortunately, the Towie star was forced to step off the coaster as his friends Jack Tweed and Roma Bright laughed off the awkward moment.

James didn't let the moment spoil his fun, however – as he was spotted enjoying himself on other attractions at the theme park.

It comes a month after he had life-saving gastric band surgery, sharing a thumbs up from his hospital bed as he recovered.

James shocked fans when he ballooned to nearly 27st during lockdown, admitting he swapped a drink and drug addiction for junk food when Covid closed gyms and pools.

After undergoing the life-changing procedure earlier this month, Arg shared a beaming hospital photo on Instagram.

He triumphantly told his followers it was the "first day of the rest of my life" after starting his recent weight loss journey.

The Sun exclusively revealed that Arg had gastric surgery to help him lose 11st and save his life – though he feared he might not even survive the op.

Now he hopes to slim down to 16st after having half his stomach removed last week during the £10,000 operation by Transform Hospital Group at a top clinic in Birmingham.

James has already lost two-and-a-half stone following the operation, and admitted last month he is ready to find love and have a baby.

Revealing the impact the gastric sleeve has had on his life already, he said: "I'm so pleased sitting here today, two-and-a-half weeks after the operation.

"Weight is coming off each and every day. I'm feeling happier and healthier. I'm starting to feel like my old self again, this is really going to be a positive new chapter for me.

"Since I started the pre-op diet before the surgery. I’ve lost already two-and-a-half stones, which is a great start. I'm starting to recognise myself in the mirror again, my looks are coming back."

He spent weeks consuming a liquid-only diet after the £10,000 surgery.

The former Towie star has reconnected with ex-girlfriend Lydia Bright, who has been supporting him as a friend through his recovery.

Putting their turbulent years together behind them, Arg said he is grateful to have both her and her mum Debbie back on side.

"Lydia’s been amazing," he said. "We’re not together obviously, but we’ve known each other since we were teenagers. I’m glad I’ve got her back in my life as a close friend and her mum Debbie."

Arg has already got one eye on the future and is keen to find a woman he can move into his Essex home.

The telly star revealed he is keen to become a dad and feels he's physically and mentally in the right place.

He said: "I would love to meet someone and start a family. I’m in a place I can look after myself I’m in a place where I can take care of a child."

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