Jaw-dropping moment Toyah tells Peter the truth about baby Susie on Corrie

Peter Barlow is finally set to find out the truth about baby Susie in incredibly dramatic scenes on Friday.

Ever since Susie’s birth, Toyah has been on edge about boyfriend Peter finding out the truth – that the baby is actually Aidan and Eva’s daughter.

And following Aidan’s funeral, it will get too much for Toyah as she finally blurts out the truth.

In a preview clip from Coronation Street scenes set to air on Friday, Toyah is seen curled up on the floor cuddling Susie.

Peter steps into the room and smiles, "My two favourite girld."

But he frowns when he sees that Toyah is crying and he kneels down to her, putting his hand on her shoulder.

"What’s the matter?" He asks as he strokes her face.

Gathering her courage, Toyah swallows before tearfully looking up at him and saying: "She’s not your girl."

A confused Peter asks: "What?"

Toyah repeats: "She’s not your girl, she’s not my girl. She’s not Jackie’s girl either."

She then drops the bombshell: "She’s Eva’s."

How will Peter react?!

*Coronation Street airs at 8pm for an hour on ITV

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