Jeremy Kyle horrified as guest compares the smell of sex to 'sweaty feet'

Emily was on The Jeremy Kyle Show because she was convinced – like so many of Jezza's guests – that her boyfriend of six years, Richie, had been cheating on her.

She says she suspected Richie was being unfaithful when she heard the sofa squeaking downstairs while she was in bed.

When she heard the squeaking, Emily ran downstairs, and she found Richie with another woman.

Emily explained: "I went to bed at six o'clock in the morning after an argument…and then I could hear the couch.

"You can't sneak down my stairs without creaking, so they heard me.

"So when I came down, he pretended to be sleep… and the room stank!

"Now, Richie stinks anyway, but the room actually stunk!"

Jezza then asked what the room smelled of, and Emily had quite a disgusting reply.

She said: "You know that sex smell? Smelly feet and sex? It was horrible!"

Clearly Jeremy's lovemaking technique is a lot more sweet-smelling than Richie's – as he was horrified by Emily's comparison.

"You've just described sex as smelly feet," Jeremy said.

"And sweat, yeah," Emily said.

This isn't the first time this week Jezza has been left shocked and appalled on his own show.

Only yesterday, he was mortified by a guest who confessed to putting his hands down his girlfriend's trousers to check she hasn't cheated.

Jamie, 28, was on the show because he was convinced girlfriend of 15 months, Kat, 45, had been going with other men behind his back.

Kat denied cheating on Jamie and questioned why he was so suspicious.

She said to Jamie: "You're paranoid! Why do you put your hands down my trousers [inaudible] to see if I've cheated?

"Why do you do that? That's degrading. That is degrading to a woman. There's no respect for me, is there?

"And, like an idiot, I let you do it – just so we don't argue. But it's wrong for you to do it."

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