Jimmy Kimmel Turns Trump's Presidential Alert into a Disaster Movie as Late-Night Stars Pile on Widely Mocked Message

“Sorry to everyone who muted the president on Twitter. There’s just no escape,” James Corden jokes.

Donald Trump’s "presidential alert" was the laughing stock of Twitter on Wednesday afternoon after it was received by 200 million Americans, then a few hours later, it was the butt of more jokes from the president’s most frequent critics: late-night comedians.

Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, James Corden and Seth Meyers all offered their own unique takes on the widely parodied text message alert test.

Our favorite, hands down, was Kimmel’s offering: a disaster movie. Runner up goes to Colbert, who showed his viewers how to escape the mandatory messages from President Trump.

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

"You know the idea of letting President Trump send a text message to every American whenever he wants to may sound like a bad idea — and it is a bad idea," Kimmel said. "But what do we do in Hollywood when we have a bad idea, we make a major motion picture out of it."

And he delivered!

"The Textening" follows a family trying to survive the man-made disaster when Trump starts sending alerts that sound a lot like his notoriously angry Twitter feed.

"Witch hunt," "fake news," "sad" and "no collusion" all make the cut in this hilarious parody of disaster movies that gets crazy violent.

‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’

In case any of his viewers were confused as to why they got a presidential alert, Colbert explained in his monologue it was a test to warn Americans about a national threat, like a missile launch or a tsunami.

"If there’s a tsunami, Trump is the last person I want to get a text from," the comedian said, then imagined how that alert from President Trump would read.

"Huge wave! Very wet in terms of water. I’ll be there with paper towels soon."

He cited CNN reporting that unlike the Amber alert and weather alerts that hit cell phones, the presidential alert can’t be turned off. But he found a way around that, although it’s an expensive one and we don’t recommend anyone try it at home.

Watch the video above to see how Colbert turns off his presidential alert.

‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’

"Sorry to everyone who muted the president on Twitter," Corden joked to start off his take on the presidential alert. "There’s just no escape."

He set up his Photoshopping of the alert by saying, "Like most things, there were some glitches the first time around."

He joked Americans got this: "TWO BIG MACS, LARGE FRY, FISH FILET, HURRY BACK

Followed by a second alert: "Sorry, that was for Mike Pence."

‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’

Meyers joked, "Earlier today, the president forced himself on all of us."

He explained to his audience that FEMA sent the alert out to every cellphone in America at 2:18 p.m., then added, "Or if you’re on T-Mobile, 2:51 p.m."

His best joke was another jab at First Lady Melania Trump resenting her husband.

"Everyone using a cellphone in America received a text alert from President Trump today," he began. "’How did he get my number?’ yelled Melania."

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