Joe Swash makes a crude joke about Stacey Solomon's pubic hair as she unveils new look

JOE Swash made a crude joke about girlfriend Stacey Solomon's pubic hair as she unveiled a glam new look.

The actor and presenter couldn't resist making a mischievous quip about Stacey's nether region as she sat wearing a mask while having her hair coloured.

Speaking to camera, Stacey said: "Did anyone lose loads of hair when they were pregnant?

"I lost loads from the top right here."

Sitting out of shot, Joe chirped: "You gained loads down below though, didn't ya?"

His other half hit back: "I didn't gain any down below thanks. It's always bloomed."

Stacey then gave an exaggerated eye roll and wrote: "He thinks he's hilarious."

The Loose Women star showed off her autumn hair transformation after "months of hardly washing it and growing my greys".

The 31-year-old said she was "feeling pretty" after having her hair dyed as a special treat.

Stacey documented the hair transformation on her Instagram, showing the dye being mixed and applied to her hair.

The mum-of-three shared the finished product on her main page, showing off the autumnal locks and a beaming smile.

In a lengthy post on the social media site, the star opened up about how special the treatment was to her.

She wrote: "Feeling Pretty 🌟 I feel like I sound really big headed saying that but it doesn’t happen often these days so I’m making the most of it while the feeling is here 😂🙏🏼

"I felt like I needed a hair change after months of hardly washing it and growing my greys 😂 As you know I love autumn so I thought why not go autumny (I know this is not a word but how else do I describe it?) 😂

"I really love it… what do you think? If I’m honest As I’m writing this caption I’m actually so nervous to even upload this picture because i don’t post many pictures of just me. It makes me feel silly for some reason 😂

"but hey ho, I’m going to hit the post button and get a grip 😂 I hope you’re all ok. Happy Thursday, love you all to the moon and back 🖤🍊🧡🍓"

Fans gushed over the post, leading to Stacey to get a bit emotional.

In a follow up post, she wrote: "The comments on here are so bloody lovely. I love you all so much. You have no idea how uplifting you are. Best insta family anyone could wish for 🧡 FACT 🧡"

The star was getting her makeover done as she prepares for her continued birthday celebrations alongside her sister's best mate.

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