Katie Price shares adorable video of Harvey 'trying healthy food' after revealing he weighs 29 stone

KATIE Price has shown her son Harvey "trying healthy food" after revealing he weighs 29 stone.

The proud mum posted a video of her disabled teenager tucking into a prep meal to help him lose weight.

Giving his verdict, Harvey told his mum: "Oh it's lovely, beautiful."

Katie wrote on Instagram: "So proud of Harvey for actually trying new food and especially because they are healthy meals from @prepkitchenuk.

"This is the start of hoping Harvey continues to stick to trying different meals to lose weight In a healthy way."

Harvey, 18, has a condition which makes him crave food.

Doctors have warned he is at serious risk of a heart attack if he does not lose weight urgently.

Katie, 42, admitted her eldest son has been known to steal pizzas at home and eat them from frozen.

Katie explained: “I tell him he’ll die and he says, ‘No, don’t be silly, Mummy’s only joking’.

Katie, 42, has been encouraging her son to lose weight and installed a gym in boyfriend Carl Woods' garage to give the teenager the space to work out.

He's lost half a stone in a week as Katie helps him workout at home and eat healthier meals.

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