Katie Price shares picture perfect family snap with her five kids and boyfriend Carl Woods after Christmas celebrations

KATIE Price shared a gorgeous picture of herself with her five children and new boyfriend, Carl Woods.

The former glamour model, 42, beamed with pride as she and her brood got cosy in matching Christmas pyjamas around her huge festive tree.

Katie held her son Jett, seven, on her lap while Carl held Bunny, six, on the other side of the tree.

Her oldest son Harvey, 18, sat on the ground in front of the tree while her kids with Peter Andre, Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, stood on either side of the trees.

Katie spent Christmas with Carl and all of her five kids after vowing to have her sixth baby next year.

She told The Sun in an exclusive chat that all she really wants for 2021 is a husband and a baby.

“I’m not getting any younger . . . I do look younger as I get older but you know what I mean,” she said.

"It’s all happened really fast but I know Carl is the man for me. He’s The One and I couldn’t be happier — look at me!"

“It would be amazing to enter the New Year with a baby on the way and a ring on my finger. We’ve been trying — I’ll find out if I’m pregnant on the 29th because that’s when my period is due.”

Unfortunately there was no ring under the tree at Christmas, but Carl confessed he has got one, already planned the whole thing and knows the very moment he will propose.

Katie is thrilled and her face lit up while he teased her with the secret plans, but Carl is staying schtum on the date for now.

“And remember, the engagement ring tells people exactly what kind of man you are,” she warned him. “It’s got to be really big and sparkly — I like the bling.”

Katie added: “I always knew he was never going to do it at Christmas because it’s too cliché.”

“He’d warned me it wasn’t going to happen and he says it won’t happen in the next few weeks either — but it will be in 2021 and I can’t wait. Carl is really close to Junior and he knows he has to ask him for his permission to marry me. I think he’s already done it.”

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