Katie Price's daughter Princess and boyfriend Carl leave her stunned as they tell her she's a terrible singer

KATIE Price was brutally told by her daughter Princess and boyfriend Carl that she's a terrible singer.

The former glamour model, 42, started a debate with the Love Island star, 31, whilst watching I'm A Celebrity last night.

Clearly unimpressed with her other half's opinion on her singing capability, Katie called for back-up.

As 13-year-old Princess walked into the living room where both Katie and Carl were relaxing on the sofas, the mum-of-five asked her daughter: "Princess can I sing?"

The teen replied: "No. No you cannot. You can't sing mum. Don't even try."

Carl pipped in and said: "I just said this but she still thinks that she can."

Keeping to her word, Princess went on to emphasise her point.

She told Katie: "Mum you can't sing."

With Carl simply adding: "Terrible singer."

The former page 3 favourite couldn't cope with the criticism and shouted to both of them: "You're such liars!"

Princess then tried to impersonate her mum by belting out Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You in a whiney voice.

That tipped Katie over the edge and ended the discussion with: "Well sod you lot."

So it looks like it's bad news for Katie considering she's planning a music comeback, and has a duet with X Factor winner Sam Bailey in the pipe line.

The Sun online revealed back in September that she had returned to the studio to record her new album Put Me Back Together.

The ex glamour model first tried to break the music industry when she represented the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest with a track named Not Just Anybody.

Katie, who was pregnant at the time with Junior and donned an iconic pink leotard, failed to win a slot in the annual line-up.

Despite not being very popular in the international song competition in 2005, Katie didn't get it drag her down.

She went on to team up with ex-husband Peter Andre to produce an album together a year later – which placed at number 20.

After four years away from singing, Katie returned with another single called Free To Love Again.

Yet again, her tune failed to chart very high and peaked at number 60.

In 2017 Katie released yet another single – I Got U – which again, didn't place very high at all.

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