Lightning Strikes ‘A Star Is Born’ Venice Premiere Causing Projector Breakdown

We’ve been having a terrible weather day here at the Venice Film Festival, which has now spread its tentacles to the world premiere gala screening of A Star Is Born. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper had earlier electrified the Lido with the morning press screenings, and the reviews have been glowing since. But actual electrification was surely not part of the plan.

A bolt of lightning evidently struck the Sala Grande here about midway through tonight’s screening and caused an outage to the power servicing the projector of Cooper’s directorial debut.

The movie was back up after about 10 or so minutes, with attendees clapping and cheering. The screening is currently ongoing.

Author and TV host Derek Blasberg tweeted that Cooper yelled “Thanks for waiting” from his seat, and “everyone swooned.”

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